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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


I was very happy to see more Driftland in stock as I missed it the first time, and so got a key this time.

An Invalid Product Code key :frowning: Have emailed the help@ email address, so fingers crossed


thank you, got it, activated it!

nvm, Steam was lagging and needed a couple mins

Aye, anyway, thanks @RaccoonV, @Ernin8t0r and the whole Chrono team for restocking, this thing has been on my wishlist for way too long :relaxed:


just a headsup that it’ll take us a bit longer to fix the Driftland key issues! We’re doin the best we can to get everything wrapped up for y’all asap, sorry about the troubles everyone!


Thank You very much, guys, I own You a beer. :wink:


Seven, key issue resolved. :grin:
Thanks to @Ernin8t0r / Chrono support team.


Seven key for anyone who wants it. Didn’t realize I already had it



Thanks man, i was just visiting for the daily coinz, and i was like wtf the seven and driftland is back again???
But when i wanted to get it, it said:

“Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?”

the same as when i wanted to grab fictorum… but when i wanted to ask about it i saw your post with a 1m timemark i was like, damn steam! don’t check for update just log me in already!!! hahaha… so yeah thanks man :smiley:

Also does anyone know why are they coming back as ghosts?


Thanks for looking into this. Just received a (working) replacement key from support, so the quick action is appreciated!

In case of interest to anyone else, here is what ChronoGG support said:
"Sorry about that! We were having some troubles with the system jumbling keys up a bit upon retrieval, sending out some nonsense keys and other invalid sorts. Things have been a bit crazy with all the added activity on the Coin Shop, so that probably wound up breaking something in the process. No worries though! I’ve got a fresh key right here for ya. Apologies for the inconvenience, hope you have a good one! :slight_smile: "


Been trying to spend my 90k+ coins on a copy of Seven for several hours now, but I keep getting the same ‘Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy’ error every time I press ‘Confirm purchase’. Tried pinging Support, but haven’t heard anything back. Seeing the stock dwindle before my eyes is terribly depressing. ;(


Thanks for restocking Seven!
I have no idea how there was any keys left for me, but I managed to get one.


So, for a big send off… mind like giving like 10k coins for free or something along those lines so we can finish off with style?


Saving the day again hero :wink:


We’ve got a lot of support tickets right now, trying my best to get through em’! I will get to you, and even if something runs out of stock I’ll make sure you’re taken care of :slight_smile:


Been checking this thread whenever I can, but it looks like I missed Seven again as well. :slightly_frowning_face: Will it be restocked again or was this the final round of keys for it?


Just to be sure, then again refilling the coin shop then may be just as good.


Thank you, hearing this is such a relief. You lovely people are absolute legends.


please do this haha.

start at 0 and have a leader-board or something. Let it exist strictly for the bragging (or shame) rights lmao


Here you can have this.


I will miss seeing those cool chests and surprises each Friday! Thanks for the games!!


If anyone ends up buying a Seven key for trading, hit me up. I have a lot of spare keys, maybe we can figure something out.