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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Can confirm

@Ernin8t0r and @dusty,

The Seven Key is borked and the Account Orders page is borked.

PS Nice tribute to TB and link to youtube video in the page html (saw it in the page inspector!


@Halcypher, @Enki, @M00

Seven is back.


OMG I JUST GOT ONE :sunglasses:

ooooffff, installing that shit rightaway

@YQMaoski i kept liking and unliking yr post cuz wanted to like it 10 times and got timed out :joy:

ty chrono again, omg


Maybe someone will be kind and spot @KittiBear with a key…

I am at a fairly low balance:




Awesome, me too :slight_smile:
Thanks for the heads-up @YQMaoski


Sorry, I can’t help or I would. Not enough coins…


Well you can have mine… still not enough :smiley:



Mine show this, no key:

Coins already taken.


Did you click the dropdown menu? Mine was inside there with a bunch of other blank stuff to redeem. Ghost games!


lol, the blank stuff gives you the same key :joy:, after you said ghost games i went back and tried :joy:



No, the are the long lost games in the Game Hole!



If I click on Seven: Enhanced Edition Pack 1 page turns purple


Some borked keys got sent out! I am on the case! Please be patient if you got a bad key; I promise I will get to you by the end of the day and make sure you have a working game :slight_smile:


i got a bad key


If you got a bad key, make sure you shoot an email to us over at help@chrono so that I can get to ya c:


So far my morning’s usually started with reloading the crono protected tab in my browser, looking at today’s offering and spinning the coin. No clue why you are getting rid of something that makes your shop unique but you probably have your reasons. I will miss you guys for a while! (716 Spins)


My seven key worked but I also have this weird thing going on.

Are there supposed to be 4 more keys, or is it just a UI bug?


I got the same Problem :frowning:
Hope that means i still got a Key because it made me very happy to made it in Time for the second batch


What a weird way to ask for nudes.
I must decline.
The details of my newfound marital bliss shall remain between me, my wife and that 6ft cutout of Garfield we “acquired”.