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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


I can’t get the current coin shop games to even load for some reason. All I get is a message of Thinking hard… ಠ_ಠ for several minutes but nothing ever loads. Is anyone else having this problem too?

Also it didn’t let me collect a coin for today.


Perhaps a coincidence or perhaps a temporary problem is occurring. I cannot sign in. Once I hit the CAPTCHA, sign in, it is stuck on ‘processing’. Repeated a few times.


** Edit: per Pete, issue resolved. All is now well :slight_smile:


As an owner of Garfield Kart, I say this with no irony that you are out of your mind.


This entire thread:
Community: aw, that’s too bad, thanks for all the games though!
Eggs: that’s the only reason we checked your site, goodbye!


There were issues with logging in before, if you try again now it should be working (or at least it did for me)


Thanks for doing something so cool for so long. It’s been a great time. Will live on in memories.


Open your third eye and see the majesty of the game.
Garfield Kart has saved marriages.
It’s sequel, Garfield Kart - Furious racing, was the main reason Red Dead Redemption 2 release sales fell short of GTA V’s numbers. As one great mind put it, this game is “Mario Kart for intellectuals”.


Nah bro, pics or it didn’t happen.


A sad day indeed… for hundreds of people and thousands of bots! :wink:

Jokes aside, with regional pricing and deep discounts on Steam and the frequency of freebies and bundles on so many other sites, I can see how very few users might actually have been customers and continuing the Coin Store may have become unsustainable, but the golden coin has certainly become part of the site’s identity and a small part of video game culture. It would be nice to keep it going even if it is just for site badges or leaderboard bragging rights - wouldn’t take too much effort to do either.
Thank you for the free games (though I was never quick enough to snag the best ones) and a few good deals. Visiting the site had become part of the daily routine for me and my 5-year old son ever since he first spotted me gathering the gold a year ago. He rarely failed to come up to me every day and brightly ask “May I spin my coin?”, at times within minutes of New Deal Time… and that I something I will miss far more than any freebie.
Here’s hoping this is not an ominous sign for the site but a new beginning!


Tbh, one of the reasons I come to Chrono is the community. I mean, hopefully, the community won’t fade even though I think most people would stop coming to the site.


Well… everyone’s deaths may just be a day away. I guess we’re lucky to at least had some great deals and to know when this is dying off. Fair well and I guess I am going to have to see what new things you guys are setting up in place of this system. Best guess would have to do with the creator store and further trying to promote that by setting up a way for credit back rewards from what you buy in the stores/main deal of the day, which makes me terribly sad because I am terribly fond of how the coin store gave credit just by coming on every day. (P.S. is there any other sites which are like Chrono with giving credit just for getting on by a day by day basis?)

BTW, may I ask after the 5 game grandiose send off, will there still be 2 games being sent off after 2 weeks before the end of Chrono as we know it? (and in matter of fact, I don’t feel fine…)


Keys for SEVEN and Driftland have been restocked on the Shop! :slight_smile:


How long will they last? That is the question.


Just picked up SEVEN but the Steam key wasn’t shown, and my account page is blank. The confirmation e-mail included some garbage characters for the Steam key.


@KittiBear, @CynicalGG, @Truly, @Halcypher, @indio68, @Four, @M00, @skunkz0r.

Sorry if I missed anyone else who commented previous on the thread about missing these games.


welp, seven already gone again, it seems :disappointed_relieved:


:sob::sob::sob: i don’t have enough coins anymore anyway. Rip


There may be an issue with the key distribution system, stay alert to any updates I suppose.



Wow! If that was it, Seven went fast again!


Missed Seven again, but managed to grab Driftlands this time, with Redout that’s 2/3 wishlist games. Also grabbed Robin Hood. Hopefully I still have enough coins for the final batch. :smile: