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CHRISTMAS 2018 - What's in your sack?



Post your haul and any super wins or little disappointments -

My Brother was supposed to be giving me The Witcher 3 GOTY, but he had no idea what he was doing and created a new Steam account to buy it…facepalm.jpg Hopefully he’ll have no issues refunding it and gifting it to me properly. Also my Mum got me a new keyboard but that didn’t arrive in time so obviously not pictured.

*sadly only £2 on the scratchcard so Axiom Verge still eludes me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Having not really bothered celebrating Christmas at all this year I have also neither given nor received much in the way of presents. I was greatly surprised and much delighted to find a generous soul decided to gift me

So thank you very much for this, it’s a game I’ve had my eyes on for a good long while.


Oh…also, despite how it may appear from the picture I posted, I am in fact a bona fide adult…I’m just a really bad present receiver so I get little fun gifts so that I don’t get left out.


I‘ve got Ticket to Ride from @Fraggles!

Otherwise nothing because my family and I decided that we wouldn‘t buy gifts, although that‘s usually just an empty phrase and we still get each other something for the gesture. Little did I know that this year I would actually be the only one bringing presents. :sweat_smile:

But that‘s fine since my mum made me an advent calendar with lots of little goodies prior!


It wasn’t a great year for me and the family so just a few new clothes all around. Real good food tho.


Family, friends and great food!


about 20 extra lbs to lose, after the new year’s resolution, eating all that food :yum:

and a festive Saturnalia to you all :hugs:


Cups. Tea bags. Nintendo switch. Zelda Breath of the Wild. Beard shaver. Mini pocket knife. Socks. Pajamas. The flu. A headache. Body fatigue.

What a morning!


2 mugs and a book :laughing: , plus a sensational lunch and dinner S2 :star_struck:


Was actually gonna post this on my headphones recommendations thread but here is good.
I got some ATH-M50x Audio-Technica headphones

And a dartboard (I didn’t feel like taking a picture of the dartboard)


it’s ok, i did it for u



come on moo i only clicked on this thread again because i saw your profile picture next to it and i was hoping to see what christmas had in store for you this time around and i’m greeted by one of your usual semi-funny replies
BIG disappointment


I’m Muslim, rofl, so good luck with that

dat burn though


oh no i was a bit unsure about that part in my thought proscess and rant but i took the gamble and lost :frowning:

its an almost compliment
you should feel almost pride and almost satisfaction


I will wait for pics of your Sugar Feast spoils then!


well, to be fair, i was Christian for 22 years (well, actually 12, and then agnostic for 2 and atheist for 8), lol, so i did have my fair share of Christmases, but that was a long time ago now

i do actually … almost; i even feel honored … almost


Nothing fun, just a gardine plus rail and some grown-up clothes I got from my mum. :sweat_smile:

But my brother got me the Freddy Krueger DLC for Dead by Daylight, and though I know the killer is pretty weak competitively, I really like the 2010 movie, and the killer and survivor perks look pretty great! :slightly_smiling_face:


These four were of highest note.

How fitting when i recently bought the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive bundle, and then a week later surprise NES mini. Tnx dad :purple_heart:

This tie was given to me as a joke, but no. I high-key love this and will cherish it for as long as possible. It even plays some Christmas jingles if pressed.


I missed the German Christmas markets… but! I got two free beers, some bread and some great stories from two German brothers in Cologne.

All in all I didn’t celebrate Christmas either because I was busy fleeing from a shitty hostel and wondering which city I’d go to next.

Which led me to ending up in the dump that is Frankfurt (seriously, I can’t exercise “dump” enough), meeting a Croatian girl, and I’m now having some breakfast and we’re going to take the next bus to Heidelberg.

Merry Christmas, I guess :woman_shrugging:



Christmas markets aren‘t worth it anyway in my opinion. Haven‘t been to one in 5 or 6 years.