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CHRISTMAS 2018 - What's in your sack?


I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season! :slight_smile: and got what they really wanted - which, as you get older, becomes less and less materialistic :slight_smile:

My mom was the sweetest T_T she made this Christmas as if we were kids again. I opened this huuuuge bag filled with tons of sweets, giant chewing gum and giiiant lollipops xD

I also received some art supplies, a new bag, a black dress, games, and lots of Harry Potter stuff ( since Typo here has recently stocked their supplies with merch for it :D)

It is suuuuper hot here in South Africa though.

Enjoy the holidays everyone! :blush: :sunflower:


A black dress…One of “those” little black dresses that gets all your drinks paid for when you go out"???


Exactly one of “those” dresses :wink: Except I don’t have the self-confidence to let someone buy me a drink xD I’m too kind and always end up paying anyway :joy:


But materialism will always be bae <3


Watched the kids play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Got some new winter dress boots and some personal things and a few small games.:smile:

Had car trouble Christmas Eve. But we did make the Candlelight service.

I hate cars with computers. Only a pro can fix them. No more backyard mechanics. :-1:t2:


I’ve never been to Frankfurt, but I’m sorry that town left such a shit impression on you. I actually live just an hour drive away from Cologne, close to the Dutch border. How did you like my home country so far?


I know it’s late but I’ve not been able to get a picture recently, here we go now anyway my main present was …

A PS4! And now I have every generation except ancient times stuff, my room feels complete now :smiley:


@kylehayman361, I approve of the prominent display of PS2 games. :slight_smile:

Also, that’s quite a collection of PS4 games for having just gotten the system!


my room is full of easter eggs xD

my sister drew that picture of razial when we were about 12 :slight_smile: theres a ghost in the shell poster made from silk! uwu :3

just off shot is the dreamcast and all those games.

and the best easter egg of all, a master ball :smiley:

but yeah I got told in advance I was gonna be getting a PS4 so I binge bought all the games I could so I would have a nice range to play, I got farcry 4 for 3 pound and CoD infinite warfare for £2:56 because they didn’t have a case!