Can't buy anything from store

Okay, this issue is >90 days old and I’ve sent mails to support but nobody helped me. Only one dude answered that I am duplicate account (which is by now obvious that I’m not).
Every time I try to buy something from shop with Chrono Coins I get this message: “Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?”
I wonder if admins can fix that somehow. Thanks in advance!

So you’ve contacted the help email and gotten the response that you’re banned due to using duplicate accounts? How is it obvious to anyone that that is not the case? What exactly do you expect us forum dwellers to do about it anyway?

More light on the issue and making it known he has a problem maybe? @lonin and @frst have replied to posts like this before, so maybe it gives him hope that his issue will be fixed.
Reply to @Fraggles bcuz the reply button isn’t working.

It’s not obvious that you aren’t a duplicate account but other than that do you use a VPN? or do you share the IP with someone else who is also signed up?

It’s obvious to me.

I mean, this is kekVult we are talking about! Would someone like this have a duplicate account? Not in my book. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(joking, of course)

DanosaurJr = kekVult


complaining on forum if you’ve already received an answer from support (be it one you didn’t like tho) wont help much, since there is really nothing “we” can do :confused:
all you can do is keep taking it up with support, it’s them you need to convince that you’re not a duplicate, not us
and if they have tagged you as duplicate/banned you, keeping on trying to buy wont really help resolve anything until you get it fixed with Chrono first, so maybe keep contacting them until you manage convince them instead :thinking:
whatever convincing story you do come up with that “unduplicates” you i would love to read, so please do post that in detail on forum when it happens :thumbsup:
might be as good as our funny courteous neighbourhood “security chekcer” (ahh that one made me giggle so my belly jiggled) :joy_cat:


The reply button works as intended. The ‘reply features’ you’ll see on this post only happens if you’re replying to a post that is not the last posted. If your post is directly under the one you’re replying to it’s automatically considered a reply to that post, the user gets notified and everything.

If you want to reply directly to the OP then you need to reply to the top post.

As for his problem, how much time do you want chrono to spend on people who know they’re cheating and are hoping to get away with it by being more hazzle than it’s worth?

I’ve been a moderator for plenty of forums, some for online games and you’ll always get people swearing they’re innocent and our system to detect cheaters is bad and awful and they never did anything they only used a script to do this or that or the other and fuck you for keeping things fair. I’M NOT CHEATING! your game/site/face sucks anyway!

Right so, anyway. Of course it’s possible that he’s been wrongfully flagged for account sharing due to a handful of possibly legitimate reasons. I don’t really know how Chrono’s system works so I don’t know what possible weaknesses it has, and I shouldn’t.

Neither should he and that’s often what persistent demands to explain why you’re banned is fishing for. So that they can figure out how to trick the system. Therefor I’m not particularly surprised if Chrono simply told him he’s banned for multiple accounts and wont tell him anything more.


Are people really that desperate for the coin shop games that they are willing to go through the trouble of creating multiple accounts? I feel like I get more than enough coins on just one account.

Anyway, good luck to you kekVult
(assuming you aren’t just a greedy bastard trying to cheat the system :wink:)

Why Hermit the :frog: is drinking tea :baby_bottle:

We’ve had multiple confirmed cases of that happening already, yes.

Though mostly around the first month, people might have thought they’d be able to buy keys in bulk to sell on grey market sites.

I remember that post. Good stuff, we need more :grin:

Puts on tinfoil hat…

chrono is a CIA front, they know everything about us, since the games they give out are actually sophisticated mental rootkits that make us do things for coins.Mind control! MK Ultra, man!!!

Why on Earth wouldn’t they know if any of us has dupe accounts?!


Edit. plz no banz


I remember that one as well, oh the memories. reminds me of the multiple thread saga of ZeroZ30o as well.

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Oohhh :blush: i remember ZeroZ30o! :ghost:
one of the times where i had to restrain myself to such degree i couldn’t even muster up a reply i think
good times tho, much popcorn consumption, no lack of salt :joy_cat:


Laugh it up @dusty , i already sent Jones a ton of electrical mails about your site!!!

(I wonder why he doesn’t answer meh…)

ZeroZ30o is salt bae. CONFIRMED!


What is the ZeroZ30o thread you are referring to? I read the “security checker” one and the responses were pretty hilarious.
and so it begins
scrolling down tip; don’t pre-salt your popcorn :smile_cat:

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