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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (now upgraded to Standard Edition) Giveaway [ended]


Everyone knows the moon orbits Mars duh


@anyamtikja is in by way of @delenn13


the point is that each of your eyes see different images with slightly different angles in VR or any 3D television and other things which want you to see 3D on a flat surface, this creates the illusion because this is how your eyes work IRL

can you give me some examples, i cant really wrap my head around it
ok i give up im not knowledgeable enough to make a convincing argument

i’ve read webtoons for the last 3 or 4 days, i had no interactions with anything so no dumb things eiher :frowning:

thank you @delenn13 for helping me out <3


the cube thing at 0:40, for example, not when he plucks it out of the air obviously, lol, but the thing preceding that, when it starts to look like a cube, but it could be im misunderstanding u as well and that this is besides the point honestly, been working and just jumping in here quickly these last posts, lol


oh yes that is a thing, that would work (does work already)
i was talking about the part after that really when he picks up a little house turns around and drops a big house and other similar interactions


Winner has been informed, waiting to hear back from them. Thx all for participating.


I was playing some overwatch custom games and someone was talking about building a new pc. He was clearly new to pc building because the first question he asked was if the thermal paste went between the cpu and the socket… ouch. He was enthusiastic about learning though so I hope it went ok for him. This isn’t really dumb but more just being misinformed, I guess the moral is don’t be afraid to ask questions however dumb they may seem?


Well putting thermo paste between cpu and socket is one way to learn things in life…


Why is my computer not working?


on the bright side, it’s not overheating either

the truth is i wouldn’t know where to put it either (though putting anything like that in anything called a “socket” just sounds very wrong), i don’t know anything about pc-building or maintenance at all. In fact, one of my personal nightmares is I’m gonna be so F-ed whenever anything goes wrong with my pc cuz i wouldnt have the least notion of where to look or what to do…

I guess at the very least I’ll be able to find some advice here immediately


No it definitely will. Thermal paste does not provide cooling. It’s purpose is to fill in the tiny cavities resulting from unevenness in the materials of the sink and the CPU face, ensuring that there wont be any insulating air pockets in between the two. Too much paste will instead act as an insulator itself and in this case the paste is of course on the wrong side of the CPU and not serving any purpose at all.


lol, i was assuming the pc just wouldn’t work in this case, being messed up by the paste in the socket, hence it wouldn’t overheat either, but i guess that just illustrated how ignorant i rly am on the topic


Yeah no you probably have a point. It’s unlikely to boot, but it’s possible the CPU will at least try and burn itself out doing it. It’s also possible the CPU will just short out, even though thermal paste is not meant to be electrically conductive.


I know everyone says it, but it really is easy these days. I’d never built a PC before, but figured I’d go that route rather than pre-built for customisation options (really I wanted to know what GPU I’d have and pick my own case) at the end of last year.

Sure it probably took me longer than someone with experience, and perhaps some of my cables are a bit mangled, and yes I had some issues with the Ryzen CPU on first boot…but honestly it’s the equivalent of IKEA furniture.


Winner confirmed!