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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (now upgraded to Standard Edition) Giveaway [ended]


The first COD games were innovative shooters which forever changed the genre, both on the single player as well as the multiplayer level. It certainly deserves credit for that and I feel the pre-meme and pre-shit COD should not be forgotten/negated.

but yeah, I mean, I’m giving it away cuz im not going to play it either (though I will say that had Apex not come out I would have played its BR for sure)


That’s at best nothing and at worst a negative accomplishment (and a quite a cocky stance), COD games aren’t popular cause they suck, they don’t reinvent the wheel, but they are the benchmark for fast and action loaded shooters which don’t require a dozen weeks to be learned like Arma lol. Sure, there’s crap like Ghosts and silly micro transactions, but that’s not something an informed customer couldn’t avoid.

It’s still not shit, just occasionally Activision feels like releasing crap lol (Ghosts, WW2…)


Thanks but i will take Doom for that any day of the week :slight_smile: They’ve used to be not shit ,very very long time ago but they are now and probably will remain shit for a while.



So, lemme get this straight, you never played CoD.

Then you claim it has been good at some point.

Then you claim it’s crap now.

Then you compare it to THE number 1 MULTIPLAYER shooter DOOM lol

Yes, seems as big-headed as I thought, no point in talking to a brick wall.


You dont need to play games to know what they do,are or are not :slight_smile: We do not live in 2002 anymore.

I compare it to what i want to compare. You described CoD as some sort of standart of high action fast paced shooter and i compared it to actually good high action FPS and i obviously see now that you cant handle your game being criticized so have a nice day.

Suggestion : Dont get angry because someone doesnt like your game:)

P.S i’m pretty sure something like Fortnite or Apex Legens are way more ‘number 1 multiplayer shooter’ than CoD is these days.


I remember playing Advanced Warfare when it was on free weekend. It was dead AF. And I was playing mid afternoon Saturday.


This is what happens then you release new entry every year. Previous ‘version’ just gets abandoned because everyone rushes to latest bandwagon.


Thing is, I don’t think the next game was out yet.


come on ppl, let’s hear some more dumb shit; there’s plenty of dumb shit being said every second in this world, but it rarely leads to a potential free game


Not entering but thanks @M00 for the giveaways.

Heres an awesome video to watch while you wait for dumb shit.


rofl, watching Waffle going through his ordeal (not continuously ofc but just now and then) was plenty of dumb shit to go through thx


Well you need to play them to have an understanding of how they control, how they feel, how they run etc.

I’m simply annoyed by cocky people like you :tipping_hand_man:

The fact alone that you end up talking all condescending yet again “an actually good game” my ass, just shows I shouldn’t waste my time with you.

Doom was only good cause it was the first, it’s hardly more than a 5/10 today.

Suggestion: Don’t be an ass for the sake of it :blush:

PS: true, haven’t really touched either tho, so I keep on forgetting about them


deadline approaching


oh no i cant think of any funny coll interesting story to tell you :frowning:
i would really like to enter please?
the only thing that comes to mind is when people in CS:GO tell you to look in the direction of the exploding bomb because they think you take less damage that way which is not true


I’d love to accept yr entry but u’ll have to come up with something, anything.

Can’t accept this for two reasons:

  1. it used to do less damage in Source, so it’s logic that ppl think it is so and lots of ppl do it cuz they were used to do it in Source
  2. lots of pros still do it (out of habit obviously), as often seen in broadcasted games and tournaments, and so it makes sense lesser players will think it does indeed reduce damage and they will naturally imitate what they see the pros doing

so pls give us anything, there’s lots of dumb shit in the world; i’ll also accept anything u saw online or tv, so that rly broadens the scope for u


ok so just now i was watching some streamer who was watching trailers from E3 and there was this game superliminal and he said how it would be great in VR but the whole game seems to be built on the fact that you cant perceive depth with just a screen in front of you
even some people in chat were telling him i would not work but he insisted that it should be made a VR game

(is this good enough?)


hm, i personally agree with what the streamer was saying (but I’m very inexperienced when it comes to VR) as i dont see why this would not be a great option for VR

however, if 3 members of the community here confirm that that is indeed a dumb statement i will accept it, lol

otherwise, u’ll still have to come up with a different one, cuz come on, that’s really not a very hard condition to fulfill i feel


just think about it a bit, in VR you see depth but on a monitor you are not really able to which makes it so that you can not be sure how far an object is, you can only assume it
i made this picture to illustrate what im talking about
if you only use one eye(monitor) to look at the balls you would see the exact same image in both cases but if you use both of your eyes(VR) you can easily determine the distance between you and the objects so the game would not be able to fool you

or am i completely wrong?
in that case i’d like to enter with this story of mine when i was saying dumb shit on the chrono forums as if i knew what i was talking about


Like I said, i dont know much about VR, but doesn’t VR use a single monitor as well? Don’t some VRs use a single phone screen even? So in that case what’s the difference?

Also, what do u mean we can’t perceive depth on one screen? Then how are we able to play 3D games in the first place? When you look at the trailer of this game, don’t u see depth too in the game?

afaik the only real difference is that in VR u get the feeling that yr inside the game world cuz the monitor is up yr face, lol, but again, very ignorant about the subject.

I’d also argue that some of these illusions seen in the trailer have also been produced irl, so we can even be fooled by them with our own eyes in the real world, which also causes me to think that there should be no problem whatsoever to reproduce them in VR.


Am I allowed to post something stupid for @anyamtikja? Who knew Our Moon is a part of Mars???

Or i could post “the word salad” that no one understood from Monday…

Sorry, in a weird mood and I got 50, 000 things to do and not sure where to start!:exploding_head: