Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (now upgraded to Standard Edition) Giveaway [ended]

Some insane person here gifted me 3 months of Humble Monthly out of the blue

first things first: this code will not work in the following countries:


so if yr based in one of those countries i must sadly inform u u may not participate (no cheating!)

as for the other rules:

  • account at least 2 weeks old
  • 6 badges
  • tell us the dumbest thing u can remember someone saying while that person was absolutely serious and thought they were making sense (additional points if there’s an actual anecdote/story) related to that (I know both @lonin and @hivefleetbothan appreciate a good story)

Epic giveaway (as always) but as much as i like shooters i cant stand Cod But i hope whoever gets it enjoys it.


I love Black Ops/CoD, but since it’s unfortunately not on Steam I’m not interested :confused:
Thanks for the giveaway anyway!


May I join…

Some teacher arguing with my brother as why Meteoroids almost always falls in an uninhabited areas…
The teacher was insisting that it was only because of God’s blessing neglecting the fact that the ratio of the inhabited areas on the earth compared to the uninhabited ones is pretty small…

Will that count as a dump thing…


Seems to me like they were both right in what they were saying and both wrong in neglecting what the other was saying. I’d argue that the ratio of inhabited areas versus uninhabited ones is God’s will, and where a meteor falls is also God’s will.

So u can’t neglect that ratio and its logical effect, and u can’t neglect that that logical effect is also a blessing in itself given that not a single atom moves without the permission from God and being enabled to do so.

Now, lots of ppl will argue that I’m the dumbest of all for believing that, and that’s just fine. I used to be one of those ppl myself and also used to think believers had to be pretty dumb and very limited in independent and analytical thinking, but i didn’t have all the facts, and when i think about it, i feel pretty dumb for being so arrogant back then.

As for the giveaway, yes, your entry is accepted of course.


I once had a long conversation with someone about phones (neither of us had one of these new fangled ‘smart phones’ and while watching tv 3 different phone commercials played back to back, so we ended up talking about it).

During this conversation we discussed why we didn’t have one already, and why we preferred landlines (or in my case an old burner phone).

at the tail end of the conversation this person turned to me and said ‘Besides, I can’t hardly imagine how phone abs work’. I, being quite confused, asked what they meant, and they responded they didn’t know, but everyone kept talking about downloading phone abs, and how there was an ab for everything. They then asked me if ab was short for something.

That was a good day.


Since you and i share some culture (idk if you remember where i m from, but i do about you) i believe you know the hoax that old people tell… like stare in the owl s eyes and someone you love will die… don t open the umbrella under a roof or someone dies… don t count the stars or you ll get a big mole on your nose… well… my mom still screams at me some of these and… you know the rest


but now you do have the “facts”?

anyways tnx for the giveaway


I “believe” I do, and you are free to find that very dumb :wink:


it doesnt matter what i find dumb or not, but can you call those facts tho?


I do remember mah dood, but I’m not actually from here. I moved here 13 years ago, when I was 26, so I actually don’t know any of those stories actually, but we do have similar superstitions where I’m from ofc, like that breaking a mirror brings 7 years of misery, or walking under a ladder would bring bad luck, or knocking on wood not to jinx yrself, or throwing salt behind yr back when some fell to protect yrself from whatever, etc.

anyways, I assume yr also entering the giveaway by citing these


Thanks for all the giveaways, @M00 :hugs: not entering :sunflower:


I actually can because I have what i consider irrefutable proof for them. However, anyone is of course free to say that those don’t prove anything at all. And what I consider facts might be called superstition or old wives’ tales or whatever and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Now, I also know that this subject will probably bring not much good when discussed openly, cuz someone will soon or late behave in an uncivilized manner, and we don’t want that, and it’s also not the point of the giveaway, so if you wish to have a conversation about this u r welcome to send me a pm.

was that u entering the giveaway btw? If it was i certainly appreciate the subtlety in how u did so, lol


You are right but when you supposed to teach Geography you needs to be more logical than spiritual… forgot to say what his field was lol…

I do believe in a God as you can’t create something outta nothing yet that also can refer to how did God found himself… but overthinking is not taking me anywhere but to headache world…


Not applying! I tend to ignore competitive online shooters.

Good luck to the winner and thanks for another giveaway!

I can’t think of dumb things people say seriously. I guess nobody tells me dumb things? I have seen people DO dumb things.

I had a Japanese roommate who put a frying pan (with food of course) into a microwave.
I had a Korean roommate who got so drunk, he decided to get a rope, tie it to a door, throw the rope out the window, jumped out the window and slid on the rope bare handed while saying “It’s ok, I’m special forces.”


hehe, nope i wasn’t…


lol, he certainly is “special” though


Thank Yu for the giveaway…Thanks thanks thanks


yw, but if yr trying to participate then u must make that clear by applying the 3rd rule


Thanks for the giv,but i;ve played 0 CoD games in my life and i’m going to keep that accomplishment :smiley: