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Bungie splits from Activision



The guidelines are clear: with each iteration, esponentially increase font size.


Hang on need to check something real quick now that this is happening…

Huh… oh well.


that should be activision-blizzard though, so u might possibly want to reconsider (or not ofc; i wouldn’t know)


You’re not wrong, though I’m not really counting blizzard here, not to mention the only one of their franchises I really care about is Diablo.


Something tells me ActiBlizzard is getting killed out there. This basically means Activision has no plans for a Destiny 3, or future season pass content. Last time I saw something like this was when Starbreeze sold off Dead by Daylight… and let me tell you, they aren’t doing so well.

Also, everyone who ignored my recommendation last June is going to probably PM me just to rub it in my face now that nothing’s stopping a Steam release.


For Destiny (I guess that would be a re-release)? or Destiny 3?

Also might EPIC be stopping a steam release??


if Bungie decides on a PC release for Destiny(1), Epic napping that “exclusivity” right would be sorta a clever move on their part, (if anything happens at all) how it seems people speak more fondly of the first than the sequel
suppose i’m mostly curious as to what it means for changes to Destiny 2 and some of its more disgruntled stuff, or its monetization


inb4 THQ Nordic buys Destiny



now blizzard must somehow do the same…



Sad as it is, it’ll probably go up again, so buy away whilst is cheap :money_mouth_face:


It looks like Activision-blizzard is in more dire straights than we might have reasonably thought. Activision telling blizzard to start “cutting costs” might just not merely be a greedy bottom line re-focus.

There’s been an announcement made that a law firm is investigating them for securities fraud and other “unlawful business practices”, lootboxes probably not on the top of the list.

The law firm in question appears to be the kind that specializes in these sort of things so when they go out to announce what they’re doing they’ve probably been at it for a while and are sure they’ve got what they’re looking for. Chances are we’re going to see Activision-blizzard taking some big hits over the next year or 3, I don’t really know how fast these things move or how far along they are.

But this paints the last couple of years in a different colour, several CFOs leaving, axing whole departments, Bungie getting out of dodge even managing to snag their IP on the way out, sacrificing their less profitable franchises and starting to throw mobile games at the Chinese market. Looks to me like they’re bracing hard for the year to come hoping to stay afloat at all.


As far as I can see probably very little will come from this - it’s just an investigation into possible insider trading before the Bungie announcement. They’re trying to ascertain if anyone profited from shifting shares before the inevitable stock price slide.

I suppose we can hope Kotick goes down in flames but I wouldn’t count on it…


I still don’t know how short selling works… But this makes some sense.


Uh…for a normal, healthy company I’d agree with you but I’m not sure ATVI is that. It is definitely not a sure thing and many negatives are piling up in addition to the truth finally coming out about business practices ATVI has been engages in for years. Plus, just like EA they have not been actively developing new IP and with the destruction/mismanagement of their old IP we are seeing an exodus of gamers away from WoW, away from Diablo, away from Starcraft, etc.

For the record, I am hyper-bearish against ATVI and have significant short positions leveraged against their stock despite loving their games. Their copy+paste of EA’s style of executives and management has predictably caused shortsighted, quarterly goals that backfire longterm. $25/share is much much more likely than $80/share and other financial analysts agree with me based on the cost of their 2020-2021 derivatives markets.

TL;DR - Their cash cows are faltering and they are not developing much new stuff despite calling themselves “game developers” so they are overpriced and do not deserve even a $40/share valuation.


Started tanking at the beginning of November 2018, well before this announcement.


I’m going off the top of my head (pure memory) but I think the slide started 2 or 3 October. They have stumbled from one failure to the next for 3 months; -45.11% in that time. That doesn’t sound like a “buy the dip!” type of stock, but hey, if you want to throw away money at ATVI that is fine. :fire:


Buy and hope for a merger?

Also, I have this one question (and I know this requires us to speculate): Is this dip in stock price because Activision is not perceived by the market as a viable or profitable company (making this a really bad time to buy) or because Activision isn’t perceived as as profitable an investment compared to other companies in the game development field?

I only ask this because the amount of money that developers are expected to earn in order to be “successful” in the market, and the level of ROI for the quarter earning reports seem to have grown to crazy levels…