Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality @ itch.io 1,5000+ Works for Min. $5.00

Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the itch.io page.

Yes, there is a lot of junk but here are some decent titles and it’s for a good cause. It’s worth more than 10.00 for all the games I listed below…

Oxenfree, Overland, Art Sqool, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Hexagon, A Short Hike, A Mortician’s Tale, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Gunhouse, The King’s Bird, Minit, A Night in the Woods and Fortune-499. I saw @yitzilitt’s game, Nepenthe, in the list too.

When you buy, you get a link and it lists all the games… It does NOT auto add the games to your library.

“Note: Projects in this bundle are hidden in your library by default untill you first access them in order to avoid flooding your library. You can return to this page at any time to access any projects you wish to show in your library.”


“Buy 742 items for $5”

Maybe, because I kept scrolling and scrolling and … where is the end of the list?

Update: It contains also: One Shot, Babysitter Bloodbath, Blind Men - different genres but all games I know… sigh. over 700 games. That’s give my Steam Library a run for its money. I’m more than curious to look into this more. :thinking:


@delenn13, thanks for the heads up. I put in my share, I am glad that it’s already reached its goal. :smiley:

By the way, Death and Taxes is in there, this is a new Papers Please style game that should be interesting to a lot of people.

I am over at the download page right now:

The bundle details page isn’t very easy to navigate, as the items/games are not in alphabetical order, and there’s a limit to how many can be displayed on a single page. I went digging and found this game on page 17/25 of all of the content. :man_facepalming:

It’s there, just yet to be found. lol.

Also came across Pendula Swing: Complete, and also OneShot when I was looking.

Of course I have most of the things I am interested in over at Steam already, but it’s once again for a good cause.


Like Mao, I went digging too, so in addition to the ones our Delenn mentioned:

  1. Double Cross
  2. Bleed
  3. Bleed 2
  4. Wheels of Aurelia
  5. One Shot

Probably missed some, but yeah, they’re a few in there. Interested in:

  1. My Haunted Doll
  2. Mable & The Wood
  3. Moon Child & Sun Knight
  4. Bon Bon
  5. Codemancer
  6. Blind Men
  7. Babysitter Bloodbath - stealth-ish horror game with a bit of melee

Just a post so people know there’s genuinely shiny stuff within.


Other shiny things:

  1. Oxenfree
  2. Night in the Woods
  3. A Short Hike
  4. Minit
  5. Overland
  6. Semblance
  7. A Mortician’s Tale

Less shiny, but still fun:

  1. Pet the Pup at the Party (basically hot & cold in procedurally generated houses, find the doggo)
  2. Catlateral Damage

Hah! @eishiya found a few more I missed. ^^ Didn’t see though at all, or Catlateral damage.


Also Heavy Bullets, a psychedelic roguelite FPS. I’m super stuck to Steam due to just muscle memory, I’ve barely played non-Steam games even from Epic - otherwise, this would be a deal of the ages. Eh :confused:


They have upped their goal to 2 million. …I am sure they will make that. They still have 9 days to go. And they are still adding games. I would wait until the bundle is done before wading through the mass of stuff in there…so of it is PDFs, game pieces icons etc…


So if they’re adding stuff, once you buy, you’ll get the new adds in as well?


Yes, from what I have read…


Nifty… ^^ I’m glad they raised the bar too and it’s more than a worthy cause.


Been scrolling through (some other titles of interest – not yet mentioned):

-Mable & The Wood
-Super Hexagon
-Cook Serve Delicious 2 (without the additional punctuations)
-Verdant Skies
-Quench–never heard of it, kind of pricey on Steam, looks cute
-Spring Falls–don’t know this one either, looks like a cute and relaxing puzzle game

-9 Till Void


Actually some really decent games here better than the last bundle but that was available for 1 dollar. But wow the scrolling :0 shame it doesn’t auto add them do they really expect me to click each one and add it lol


I did… Took a bit of time, but it was good for browsing through it.

It’s to avoid flooding people’s game libraries with the games/items that they may never touch. But it does bother me that for that download button to show up on the individual items’ store fronts, you have to go through the bundle and click download once for each one.


I bought it but I don’t seem to be able to add the games lol just download them
I wish they at least had an option to add the link to your library and I can’t find purchase history :c
Still lots of games now
There are some free games atm too it seems like the ones that aren’t normally lol


If you go to download the game, it gets added to your library, I believe. Or maybe you have to actually download it for it to get added? One of those; the games I’ve looked into (and also downloaded) are in my library now, for better or worse.


So the only way to add is to press download? Cuz when u click the game title it just asks u to buy it lol
I’ll try downloading some soon but I rather download one at a time haha when I’m gonna play
And I don’t have the pc space

Edit: nvm I get it u have to press the download button i see it appear in library


Just in case this is still unclear, if you go to Library → My Purchases → Bundles, you can see where your link is, this is a link that’s specific to your purchase, and will link back to it only for you.

So now you come across the bundle with its may pages of stuff:

If you click on this Download button from your personalized bundle page, then the game is added to your itch library.

Now, if you go to the store page for this game, you will see at the top of the screen:

So in order for the games that you want to show up with this download button and for it to tell you that you own this game on the store front, you have to go through the bundle page and click that “Download” button for it.

I had the page open and just held down Ctrl + clicked on the download for everything on one page, closed all tabs, went to next page, etc. And repeated. Still took some time, but it did allow me to look through everything.

Itch allows you to create as many “Collections” as you need, so you can just filter what you want to see into one collection, and leave the rest out. Or categorize and add other collections, etc.



Very well explained, Mao ^^ For some of the free games this year, this was a “Download or Claim” option, but seems this is just straight download. :thinking:

That is a ton of links to click, but a lot of people have Steam Libraries (or Wishlists meep) just as lengthy, so slow but sure I guess.

sigh 2020 has been quite a year for the unexpected, and it’s great that some good can come out of the worse bits of it. All ya’ll stay safe. :hugs:


This happens to the games that are being offered temporarily for free. Some developers allow you to claim the game from the “download” page and that will also permanently attach it to your account. But you can also just download the files and not add or “claim” the game to your account in that case.


You can see that the games you claimed previously also shows up with the big “You own this game” banner across the top of the store front. Once again, it allows you to download.

During this pandemic, a lot of developers offered their games for free and many gave the option to claim. Others only gave you the option of “Download” without claiming. This does not add it to your account, but instead, you can only download the files for free during that time frame. After the time is up, you will only have access to your downloaded files, but not to the download page.

Biggest difference is that developers will continue updating and adding content to a lot of games that are incomplete, beta, etc. If you claimed the game, you will have access as updates come through. Otherwise, you will only have the files in that cross-section of time.