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Building my First PC :D


AMD a decade ago was pretty good, their phenom ii series was great. Phenom ii x6 can still handle many newer games at high but the problem is the lack of SSE4 support so some games no longer work. Many say the FX series was kind of a step down and thats where they lost it. It was just the like 7 year gap between then and Ryzen where Intel became king/monopoly and drove prices up as they had no competition.


Thank you


Not a matter of better or worse, just different.

My pleasure @wasabiyoyo. Good luck building your PC! :butterfly:


You’ve misidentified the legitimacy of reselling keys. FWIW, I’m not concerned with Microsoft’s profitability.

Does activating an OEM key legitimately activate a legitimately functioning copy of Windows? Yes. Nonetheless, reselling an OEM key by definition is illegitimate. Those types of key sales are likewise operating within the grey-market space. In this situation any sale that isn’t from a Microsoft authorized vendor is done through a grey-market (or black-market).

  • White-market = Authorized sales
  • Grey-market = Unauthorized sales
  • Black-market = Illegal sales (e.g. trade embargo)

The DLH link for example is selling K/N copies of Windows. That version is intended for South Korea and some Europeon countries. If they weren’t illicitly obtained then their cost may be due to regional pricing. The reseller simply purchases copies in a lower priced territory and resells them with a markup. Since that isn’t an authorized distribution channel they’re grey-market sales.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to mind very much (users are now using their OS). Notably, Microsoft does not have an Educational or Enterprise license for Windows that can be purchased as a retail key - anywhere. Those groups have historically been Microsoft’s most profitable sectors - commercial use of pirated software also has big penalties in the US.



intel 2019??? whats that?


to put it simply, you get way more in terms of cores and way better motherboards for much less money if you choose the amd route. only thing intel has over the amd is very high end cpus and amd is even catching those up.
570 boards are crazy and support pcie 4.0

all of amd cpus are unlocked for ocing unlike intel K versions for which youre again paying premium.

there are other benefits of amd (for which you probably dont care too much, like way way better stock coolers, intel coolers are a joke).
if youre going for purely single core intensive processes i could see you going intel, but if you want a way way more balanced system for much lower cost just go amd


Thank you <3


Alright, I didn’t read through every single comment so sorry if some of this already ahd been said.
Regarding cheap Windows 10 keys, the reason why they are cheap is because they are leftover keys from companies or pc builders, they will only work on one system and will be bound to your motherboard. So if you ever get a new motherboard you’ll have to buy a new key. Those $100 ones you get directly from Microsoft, they will work for like, forever and ever.

Now then, your build. It is a very solid build, albeit a bit overkill but there are some things I would change. First of all, you’re trying to save $40 on your second ssd by getting a 500gb one instead of another 1tb one, when your pc is already $3200?

Now that was really the only thing I could spot however. Zen 2 is literally just around the corner and from what has been shown so far, it seems like you’ll be able to get the same, if not better performance than that 9900K for less money so… yeah…
Other than that, seems like a solid build, although very expensive.


Yeah uping to a 1T ssd is not that bad. Also i’ll have to see about the new AMD CPUs. Thank you for your reply <3


few years ago when ryzen introduced their 1000 series, and when intel had much more coverage of the market, i would understand choosing intel over amd. these days you dont have to worry about high ram clocks for amd like you had to with series 1000 and in general you dont have to fiddle with the system too much too have it working nicely.
one thing worth mentioning is that intel at a certain point in time had some problems with supplies and the prices of the existing cpus started rising, and amd giving more cores for even less money didnt help a bit.

in midrange amd absolutely destroys intel.

but, like ive said, amd is even starting to catch up intel in top of the line cpus, add pcie 4.0 to this, cheaper boards, generally better compatibility for longer periods (intel changes chipset way too often and you cannot upgrade to a new cpu for example most of the times, without changing the whole mobo with it), and amd is clearly the winner. and you are supporting the competition (monopoly is good for no one, except the guy with

intel will still probably be a bit better for single threaded stuff but, id take 12/24 cores over 8/16 anyday…


Funny you should say that cause I actually scored a quality used car at that price. Got a really good deal on it too.

To be on topic, I agree with the others that what you have planned is gonna be super overkill for any time in the near future, and still isn’t really “future proof”. While building your own computer is great to do (and recommended) you can still get some pretty great pre-built comps nowadays too.


with amd you have to know how to setup stuff yourself a bit, now much less than a year or two ago…
if your ram clock speeds are low you will have problems with ryzen 1000 or even 2000… if you have odd timings you have to set it up manually in bios to work on advertised values… etc etc
im not implying anything… but amd is a beast today and intels slowly becoming a one trick pony…

inb4 intel becomes heavily focused on their gpu lines for the next couple of years…


How do you do that?


This page walks you through the whole process :slight_smile:


Yeah I discussed this with my friend and I understand you can never really future proof your PC rig. But i’m excited to build this set-up. It’s just gonna take a few months but things will work out.


Thank you :smiley: