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Building my First PC :D


Thank you guys for all the help. Really opened my eyes on PC building.


And your $3.3k PC is now in the $4.2k range.

I could buy a quality used car for that. (provided I wasn’t stupid again).

Also, just like cars, custom loops needed to be maintained and cared for. Just like changing the oil.


While i can get the sentiment i must say that Intel >>>> AMD … I have AMD CPU and it’s worst thing i ever owned :smiley:


Is it an FX processor? If so, that’s why.


This is a terrible answer…get @YQMaoski to post some info about his prebuilt that he bought around Christmas (which is fantastic) and it’ll open your eyes a bit.


Here s the direct link


I’ve seen plenty of ppl sell Windows 10 keys for like 20 bucks, but I’d personally never touch them as I doubt that’s remotely legal. Why would Microsoft ask for 100$ if any reseller can go as low as 20$? Shit doesn’t add up, but your choice if you don’t care and want to risk getting the license revoked.

As others said, the PC is waaaay too expensive, I’m still running a 1k build from ehh 2016 I think(?) - handles most games at 60 FPS mid-high settings to this day. Just get the current XX80 or XX70 Nvidia card (depending on if you wanna run at higher than FHD/60HZ), a nice i5/Ryzen 5 and be good for 1500 max.

@coralinecastell I know you hate windows and I’m not a fan of their privacy invasive practices either, but most games don’t run on Linux, most commercial software doesn’t run on Linux, you know that. It’s massively easier to get rid of Google in life, but Windows is just essential to most (+ less tech savvy ppl will hate Linux lol)


It is :slight_smile: But it’s still AMD. I understand they do make good hardware as well but i’m sort of burned for now . It’s really bad quality stuff.


Not really. With Proton/Steam Play, most of my games do. If I need a commercial software to work, I Wine it. Play on Linux is also an option.

There are a few exceptions, but I’ve been on Linux for around 5 years now and all is well. Wouldn’t advertise it to a gamer if it wasn’t.

In my experience, and no offense intended, people who claim most stuff doesn’t work on Linux have never used Linux.

But to each their own. I understand gamers and graphic designers are the least likely to jump on the Linux boat due to your aforementioned reasons. And that’s ok. I didn’t actually expect them to take up on my word.

edit: added links.


Most of those keys are legit. When they mass produce laptops and some prebuilt desktops they mass load windows on it and don’t touch the keys that are on the Windows stickers. So most of those stickers still have OEM licenses of windows 7/10 that can be activated perfectly fine and you can still turn win 7 into win 10 with those keys as well. So of course people sell them.


While I really have nothing against the FX series, this is the year it is finally at the point where it doesn’t really make sense to upgrade to even for people on the DDR3 platform. Ryzen 1600 is at $80 new, DDR4 RAM has tanked in price, and a mobo isn’t too bad either. Previous years it was still viable as a budget rig with the used market and new prices being crazy high, but yeah think it is finally the death of the FX series.


working =/= “legal”

what you are saying is “someone”(assuming manufacturer and not the actual users/individual, given the "bulk"nature of these site listings) are selling their oem “sticker”/verification keys, in the sense that “most never actually use those”:man_shrugging: ?
but then when/if it is needed, because said key was sold, activated elsewhere, they now potentially can’t reinstall their purchased windows on the prefab or laptop they bought, or at least risk running into issues with it being in use?? (i’ve known more than a few that needed that key on the bottom after a format/recovery)
am i getting this right?

just want to get the meaning perfectly clear to make sure i’m not misunderstanding this…
and ofc chime in with “just because something activate doesn’t mean it’s legit/legal”, i’d kinda doubt MS “condones” this (in the west); given the exuberant prices from official/partnered retailers :thinking:


Well you can actually load your activated key to your microsoft account for transfer or reinstall but it sucks most don’t know this until it is too late. Yeah I bet some that sell their keys have problems later by not doing this but not exactly the buyers problem lol. Also when I say “legit” I don’t necessarily mean legal, more so that it is going to work and not cause problems later for the buyer.

Edit: oh and yeah not exactly sure how those bulk stores get them, wonder if users can sell them kinda like the gift card stores? idk I was just offering what I know about windows keys, but not 100% sure on how those sites truly get their keys.


I doubt there’s anything illegal going on or even necessarily gray market sort of stuff. You can find stores offering these keys through price comparison sites listed from legitimate retailers. I really don’t know why there’s such a huge discrepancy on prices but from what I recall that’s been a thing for a long time.

But on the other hand if it WAS gray market then there’s no one I would have less qualm over screwing over than Microsoft.


lol yeah for the most part I tend to agree with you there, but dang their game division is doing some really awesome stuff recently. Hate that I am actually liking something about Microsoft :smile:


Bill Gates wants to know your location.


Appreciate the response, I might check it out.


What’s the difference between AMD and Intel? Most of the people that helped me on discord and some of you guys recommend me switch to AMD.

My coworker told me to go AMD all the way since its better price for performance.

But what makes AMD better than intel, also, what makes intel better than AMD.

Thanks again for the feedback :smiley:


I’ll learn more about maintaining the loop.


I’m on the bus so my reply abilities are limited, but:

EDIT: conclusion for the lazy/busy

In terms of value, it’s easy to make the case for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. You can get an 8-core/16-thread Ryzen 7 CPU starting at just $160, and that includes a cooler that works well with the CPU. Step down to 6-core/12-thread Ryzen 5 and they start as low as $120. AMD also makes budget-friendly APUs—a 4-core CPU combined with a modest integrated graphics solution that’s typically twice as fast as Intel’s current integrated graphics. For each category, Intel’s equivalent CPUs cost anywhere from $25 to $300 more—a budget Core i3 won’t cost that much more than a Ryzen 3 APU, but the high-end Core i9-9900K costs substantially more than the Ryzen 7 2700X.


Long story short, AMD has an architectural advantage that is closing the gap between the two competitors.

This is recent news, so AMD a decade ago =/= AMD now.