Bug ID

Actually uber-off-topic as I’m not talking about fixable bugs lol
I keep on catching a certain bug type over the last weeks, only 1 at a time, never seen it before round here, so I can’t tell what it is at all.
I suspect it’s a cockroach type, but again, Idk and it only ever showed up since we got new neighbours(?).

a) would it be cool wt you guys if I uploaded some pics of one for ID-ing it?
b) is maybe uhm…some kind of insect specialist here? =)

Thanks in advance!


dude, there totally is, his name is @hivefleetbothan, though i think he’s mostly into ants, but he’s a real insectologist (still studying i think) and I just know for a fact that he would love to see your pics, he might even have a hard time controlling his excitement till u actually upload them, and then once u do, he might have to clean his pc screen, but that’s not our problem

also, yr totally not off topic, as this is your topic, but it’s more or less a rule here that every thread must go off-topic at least once every 24 h just to remain open, so y, u be warned

dude, i already figured it out, it’s totally one of yr neighbors, he just comes to spy on u now and then (or make sure yr ok), u know, like ant man and wasp lady or whatever her name is


Post away!!! And welcome to the forum!:+1:t2:


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I am indeed an entomologist! Send up a pic and I will see what I can tell…

I would like to ask a few extra questions:
-What is the general georegion the photo was taken in (state/continent is fair, but I can deal with much more vague information).
-Also, please upload as many different shots as possible




hahaha… but seriously.


An accurate ID often means there may be 1 part of the insect that has particular importance, I can get a general ballpark with 1 shot (assuming it is in focus), but if you want specifics (especially to species) there are often a lot of tricky minutia to contend with.

For example:
If you have a photo of a leafcutter ant

and want to know what genus it belongs to, then the photo needs to showcase the propetiole in order to see how many spines are present (multiple angles will likely make this comparison much, much easier).

If it is in fact a cockroach then this level of fine detail will likely not be as important, however there are a number of similar looking species that it could be.


(I know I liked stuff, can’t respond fully now tho as I’m on my phone and under pressure to go out before the thunderstorm hits us, thanks for all the nice responses already!!!)


no I meant like they live in trash, but this could be the explanation why they do :thinking:

Hiyoo :slight_smile:

Am soooo sorry, I thought it’d be good to take many shots, but it was like 00:00 and I was tired and it was dark and this f*****king bug IS FAST AS NUTS so all but 1 picture turned out super blurry (wt my shit cam on my phone :frowning: ) :sob::sob:

I’ll try to do better when I see one again (every other week)

It’d be great to know if it’s a cockroach cause I don’t wanna be killing good bugs ._. (also am a bit scared of these lol)


just get in touch with its agent to arrange a real photo shoot


Will try, but am low on cash :confused:


I don’t like cockroaches either, there are heaps worse bugs (I live in Australia, everything can kill you here) but I will overuse bugspray just to kill one cockroach



Well, there are more dangerous bugs, yes, but cockroaches are super resistant against every fckn thing and they breed so quickly, that they give you more trouble than any super deadly bug :no_mouth::face_with_head_bandage:


The picture you have is fine. From that shot I feel confident it is in fact a cockroach

A cursory search reveals two possible candidates (and geographic location will help narrow this down):

How big is it? If it is large and you are in the NE USA it may be Parcoblatta virginica the Virginia Wood roach: (Large here would be more than 10 up to 15 mm long)

If smaller (and not in the NE USA, but instead some part of Europe) it may be Ectobius pallidus, a non-cosmopolitan cockroach species that goes by the Tawny Cockroach (maxing out at 9.5 mm long).

Further shots will confirm/deny this. But I think Ectobius pallidus is the most likely identity of your insect.

HOWEVER, there is a strong possibility that this shot (depending on the size of the cockroach) may be of a recently molted/hatched specimen, which is why it is so pale, one of the key features I used to ID it (along with the odd wing venation) are all the insects like this? Or is color variable?


Ahhh, my bad, am from Europe.

All of these have this colour, tho since it’s dim light and the cockroach is on a metal plate I suppose it’s a bit paler on the image than in reality.

I’ll def. take more once I see one again!
It was closer to 1cm, maybe 1.2cm, so I guess it’s the latter you suggested! Pheeew, now I can kill these without feeling bad afterwards :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

I pray that they will never live here, it’s bad enough to see one every 1-2 weeks :confounded:
btw is there like a…uhm…prefered way of killing them? I hate them, but I try to kill “evil” insects as humane as possible and these are kinda tough…also I fear they could have eggs in them already? Idk, am reeeally far from posessing good knowledge of these beetles.


y first of all, roaches aren’t beetles, lol


Listen up motherf****:

just kidding cowman, what’s the difference between bugs and beetles??? We have no difference in meaning in our language, only 1 word for them…

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beetles are bugs, roaches are bugs, but roaches ain’t beetles [edit: they aren’t, lol, see my next post]

which is?

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This thread…


What. I read that and I am confused, especially wt what you said ._.

Are you saying Beetles are all those buggers and roaches are a sub…

wtf my brain just melted, nvm, I don’t wanna know it I guess :no_mouth:


well, guess what, turns out neither roaches nor beetles are bugs, they are insects, and i thought bugs and insects were synonymous, but it turns out they aren’t, so y

so, beetles are insects, roaches are insects, neither are bugs, but bugs are insects too

@anon63424221 so what’s yr language? (if u dont want to share that info that’s fine too)