Buff Back Giveaway: Final Round - Game 16 is officially over



With the first correct letter, the screen’s light begins to flicker into view.
The slots for the remaining letters appear afterward.


Oki. I’ll go for ‘T’. nervous


And now I’m reading an article on best Hangman strategies. And as these things tend to be, it’s quite more involved than I first expected :nerd_face:
Good luck everyone!



The truck remains on course toward the cliff.
You can feel the people tensing up further.


Only an E at the end, so I will follow up with another vowel: A



With another correct letter showing up on the display, the people in the truck are feeling a bit less tense.
Perhaps there’s still hope.


Hmm, what to guess…
How about L?
PS Does anyone else find the cooperative yet competitive nature of this game interesting?


Niceee, I always used to play hangman as a kid.

What about “R”?


Both are incorrect.

The truck begins to swerve erratically and frightens the people within it.


What’s the competitive nature of this game?

I will try “s” :yum:



One of the truck’s wheels runs over a pothole and makes everyone jump slightly.


Maybe k?


Go for i



The display begins to fade after a couple of seconds.


The display scrambles itself for a moment and reveals that the brake system’s password is made up of two words. Perhaps this will make it easier to figure out the missing letters of this phrase.


guess c b n to make cabin, ppl (not guessing here)

someone should guess n first here


Okay. I go for ‘n’




Both are correct.

The display turns brighter, revealing multiple letters at once.


panic dance? are we allowed to guess like this?


Panic dance?