Board game night


Do you even understand what you just said? “don’t do that” “just do that”.
You will need 4 players for most online board games. Look around, this is post 401 in a thread in which I’ve been doing precisely that, trying to find times with a few people at a time.


we have like a million people in the steam group chat channel for this, and it can still be difficult to schedule something sometimes; need to get 4+ people that are; in the mood, have the time, is online/checks chat, and own the game
^filling one of those criteria is easy, already at 2 it can start to get murky to say nothing of fitting all of them at the same time


Well I’ll let you have a go at this and we’ll see what happens. You do have one willing participant so far, you just need 2 more.

A little advice to get you started though.
First you’ll want to figure out what you actually want to play. You said you bought tabletop simulator, that’s not a game you don’t play tabletop simulator, it’s an engine through which you can play damn near any game you might know or even conceive of. If you start things off too open ended like “Anyone want to play something this weekend?” You’ll get a few positive responses but nothing concrete, no feedback. You have to give people options to pick from. List 3-4 games you want to play and a range of days+hours in which you want to play them. Now you’ll get people responding with one of the games they’d prefer, or have at all, and possibly even whether they’re available at the times offered.

But even then your best bet is usually to go chase people down personally and issue a direct invitation, ask them specifically when they’re available. Then you have to try to piece together times when your selected potential players are able.This is people wrangling and it takes a lot of time, energy and often don’t pan out into anything at all.

Good luck!