Board game night


I feel like its been forever since there was a boardgame night :open_mouth:
I think I have Armello, but I also have never played it so I don’t know how to play xD


I am ok with the upcoming weekend :grin:


I’ll just take this opportunity to mention that this bundle is still on for sale and that tier 1 is a great option.

Love letters in particular is one I am very interested in getting more people to play.


Now have Small World 2. Seems like complex gameplay but likely not too bad once you know how.


Did you guys end up playing over the weekend? I was busy all weekend so I couldn’t participate. Hadn’t seen my BF in weeks and he came over so we played games together and watched stuff instead ^^;;


Yes we got a couple of games of Armello in.
I would like to try again next weekend, not Armello specifically unless that’s what a lot of people really want. Personally I really want to try out Carcassonne and maybe one or both of the two new games in the above linked humble bundle which is still on sale for just under 2 more days. I’m going to be picking it up for all the Carcassonne DLCs so that should we ever play it I can probably host and allow the use of them. So again I strongly recommend every one picks up tier 1.

I will be available most of the day on Saturday so anyone want to play during the early hours of the CEST afternoon, evening or night let me know when you think you’ll be available and lets try to get at least one group together.

OR if Sunday, Friday… Monday? suits anyone better just let me know and we’ll try to sort something out.


I would be up for some Armello or Gremlins ( thought i would need to remember how to play that first ) on Saturday.

Other than those 2 i dont think i have many board games sadly.

@KittiBear Yeah Me @Fraggles @Evranu and @Vandem got few matches of Armello , 'tis was fun though i just realized how bad i am :smiley:


Well you still have a brilliant opportunity to remedy that for 1 mere euro, still a day left.


This is a call out for anyone who wants to join me in playing something today. Lets say in about 20 minutes. 17:00 CEST.
Post here or on steam if you’re interested and available.


Maybe depends on what you are playing


That’ll depend on who will be available.
I would really like to try carcassonne as I’ve mentioned, love letter is definitely a top pick as well. But I’ll play anything really.


well I’m down, I played both today with physical copies


We had a lovely couple of games of Love letters, thank you @PeteMcc, @Danacscott and @Vandem for playing.

I’ll be taking a couple of hours to get dinner and do some chores, but if there’s interest in playing some more later on make it known and we’ll get another group together for something.


Got to play some patchwork with @Evranu tonight which is a pretty cute but surprisingly deep 2 player strategic game about sewing blankets. We went into it blind having no idea what anything did which I think is the most fun way to start a new game. Took us 2 games to really figure the basics out and 3rd game I finally felt like I knew what I was doing.

This one will definitely stick on my list as a good fallback game for times when you can’t find the 4 players most other games requires. And since it works with remote play together, I can play it with just about anyone.


While your timezone certainly does pose it’s challenges I am often available to play in most time zones at some point in time. We also have @PeteMcc over in a similar zone to yours so with you around we might have an easier time to get EU morning and early afternoon games running. Please keep an eye on this thread as it’s where I try to announce things before they happen.

Speaking of which next weekend 3 lucky people will have newly acquired a bundle of games from @delenn13’s giveaway here:

I’d like to invite you 3 to come play and try out your new games with us on Saturday EU Evening or well into the late night. Hope to see you there.


Thanks for your invites, information as well as the notice of giveaways. I was super lucky to have a friend who knows my tabletop hobby, he gifted me 4 games of tier 1 from Humble’s recent tabletop bundle. (Love Letters, Potion Explosion, Smallworld 2, Patchwork) + Four Kings One War before it was free to claim on Steam. I was taught Carcassonne in real life, and I have played Carcassonne on Epic Games. Tokaido on Andriod thanks to forum community posts.

If any of you like, I can teach Wingspan on Tabletopia too. Has the DLC (you don’t need the DLC to play)

I would have played Gloomhaven more, but I have been avoiding combat games in these coming months unfortunately.


(+1 Resurrection)


Bump, is anyone still up for boardgaming?


I am for sure. Only reason this has not been ongoing for a while now is that it’s so hard to wrangle enough people into finding a suitable time slot that fits everyone.


Which is why you don’t do that, you make a Discord channel/Chrono bigger chat/whatever, with a few people, and try to make up a time slot for a few at a time