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Board game night


I’ll have to open le Steam. Running giveaway in 1 1/2 hrs, then 3 hrs post that time, have to go out and meet my mom. So here’s hoping our timezones coincide somehow. :heart_decoration:


How long is a game? I can play now but its getting late for me


Depends a little on how much @Vandem and @coralinecastell are able to screw each other over. If it’s generally smooth sailing then 30-45 minutes for a medium game, if they get all the right card at all the right times it can take upwards of 1.5-2h.

Also how much of those resources they waste on just keeping me down.


yeesh, well like I said I can play now but if it goes to a longer game I may need to bail, or if you have enough people I can sit this one out.


@Vandem and I have never done anything other than hug, appreciate and support one another and I find your rude accusations quite trite. FAKE PROPAGANDA PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN TO THE SWEDE

@PeteMcc we’ll set up a short game just for you :yellow_heart: we can make a timed room, so whoever get the most cogs in, say, 30 minutes or rounds (can’t remember the setting), wins. :blush:


@coralinecastell you coming to the game?


1st: sorry for running a bit late today, you guys. Had to feed the chomnk and he doesn’t eat if you don’t cheer him on a bit. Literally not joking. We’ve been cheering him on for 11 years now. Aaaanyways.

2nd: had a lot of fun today, congrats to @Vandem for being the worst person to have ever played Gremlins and ruining the day for everyone! :smiley:

Also, “ruin Coraline’s day” is now part of the official Gremlins rules. Just check the Official Rulebook. You’re looking for page 2, paragraph 4, item 2:

The main objectives of the game are:

  • Gather cogs
  • Ruin Coraline’s day
  • Earn money
  • Earn votes (…)

It goes on from there.


Yeah thanks everyone for accommodating my delightful time zone.
Don’t worry about being late @coralinecastell , we just wanted to make sure you saw the message so we follow through on the official rules.
Learning the rules especially page 2, paragraph 4, item 2 was great. I especially enjoyed that play on about round 5 where I took 200 dollars and 3 cogs from you followed by promptly sending you to jail even though I could have spread those penalties out… ah the memories.


LMAO you guys will be the end of me :joy:



OK, so I tried it. Really enjoyed the game, so much content to read and understand though. You really need to play it regularly to get the most out of it.

Oh and the winning music is probably worth the price of entry alone!

Edit: In case you haven’t heard it




Thanks so much for your reply, I’ve heard only good things for Forbidden Island and Splendor, I haven’t tried those 2 which I know for sure I would love to learn and play.

I sincerely suggest give Tabletopia a play if you can (on Steam), it’s free, over 600+ games with smart AIs too. lots of Solo games. I purchased Wingspan DLC, have not subscribed to Tabletopia yet. I recommend Everdell on Tabletopia (Everdell is free, the rules are super easy to learn), or Crystallo, it’s beautiful.

Anyone know of a good multiplayer Chess game I can bookmark? I’d enjoy learning to play properly if I had a willing and patient soul to play it with me. :slight_smile:

I know I am super late, I am terribly sorry. Onitama is a super good game for my android phone (I have not tried multi-players for online, but the AIs are just fine as I love solo). It’s very thoughtful and in my opinion better than Chess as its light. Free to download on Google Play store


Big appreciated hug for the reply. No worries on the lateness - absentedminded squirrels can’t throw stones you know? Hee hee.

I’ll have to see if that’s available for iPhone as well. Tabletopia sounds intriguing. Thanks for the tips. ^^


Anyone up for a round or two of Carcassonne this upcoming Saturday?


You hast it on Steam only? Also not sure about this weekend, my Fridays wring me out, so perhaps evening my time would work. Never played the game before either.


I am down if I am awake


I’m down to play


I would really like to try to play Between two castles with you guys and hoping that someone might be interested in trying it out tomorrow.

It is a pretty interesting setup for a game because while it is ultimately competitive the only interaction you have between players is cooperative. I would recommend having a go at the tutorial once before we all play but it isn’t very hard to pick up and the start of the game is pretty forgiving of mistakes.

The basic concept of the game is to build castles using tiles picked at the start of each round. You build 2 castles cooperating with one other player for each castle and at the end of 8 rounds (I think) your lowest scoring castle is the one compared to the rest to declare the winner. Due to this there is no reason to try to screw anyone over, focusing your efforts on one castle and trying to sabotage one of your competitors only ruins your own chances.

It is probably going to be a pretty slow game so bring plenty of patience as each round might drag out while everyone ponders which tiles to pick and where best to place them.

I will be available from early EU mornings through to early hours of the afternoon, I’d be happy to play it with several different groups depending on when people are available, latest I’d like to start however is about 13:00 CEST.

We’d need at least 3 players total, I hope to see some of you around.


Dude I’ve a 3 day headache - maybe blood pressure being weird or something, idk. I’ll see if I can manage it… just want to sleep, but the thoughts won’t shut off either, lol.


Hello everyone !:slight_smile:

So i’ve recently got my hands o Armello ( thanks to our lovely squirrel for a trade ) , got few matches in to get a sense of what this game is and now i’m thinking maybe some of you would want to play together some time? I was already contacted by @Evranu expressing her interest in playing Armello together sometime so we still sort of have 2 spots open .

Anyone would be interested?