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Board game night


If i am around I will be down for some gremilns


have been kinda wondering where u were for a while


around but also not around think of me as the Schrodinger’s cat of the forums


at least you’re not asharp


well that is lost on me and with that I will go to sleep, just trying to live up to my title. Night.


Sleep tight! haha will hopefully whoop your ass over some Gremlins on the weekend :joy:


Yeah just let me know when it’s happening and I will try to be around/


Seems to be silly cheap again, if anyone wants to pick it up.

Though we have not managed to play it much it was an interesting co-operative deckbuilding type of game.


all these sales on board games when I have no money :frowning: I might just splurge anyways…


@PeteMcc @Fraggles @Vandem @snake153 @Gnuffi + everyone else interested

Think we could make some Gremlins happen today?

Or perhaps @Koroth would like to play some Mysterium? or @Danacscott could be available for Food Truck?

I’ll be busy studying the whole day, but at home. So I can definitely turn my study break into Gremlins or any other game. Would love that, actually, so let me know!



Gremlins is free this weekend, so we could get @Danacscott into a game of that stil, if she can find 3gig of space on her internal drive.


Yes. Please.

F, I won’t be checking Chrono – gonna focus on studying – but please message me on Riot when/if anyone is free and I’ll jump right in. :blush:


I’ll have to open le Steam. Running giveaway in 1 1/2 hrs, then 3 hrs post that time, have to go out and meet my mom. So here’s hoping our timezones coincide somehow. :heart_decoration:


How long is a game? I can play now but its getting late for me


Depends a little on how much @Vandem and @coralinecastell are able to screw each other over. If it’s generally smooth sailing then 30-45 minutes for a medium game, if they get all the right card at all the right times it can take upwards of 1.5-2h.

Also how much of those resources they waste on just keeping me down.


yeesh, well like I said I can play now but if it goes to a longer game I may need to bail, or if you have enough people I can sit this one out.


@Vandem and I have never done anything other than hug, appreciate and support one another and I find your rude accusations quite trite. FAKE PROPAGANDA PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN TO THE SWEDE

@PeteMcc we’ll set up a short game just for you :yellow_heart: we can make a timed room, so whoever get the most cogs in, say, 30 minutes or rounds (can’t remember the setting), wins. :blush:


@coralinecastell you coming to the game?


1st: sorry for running a bit late today, you guys. Had to feed the chomnk and he doesn’t eat if you don’t cheer him on a bit. Literally not joking. We’ve been cheering him on for 11 years now. Aaaanyways.

2nd: had a lot of fun today, congrats to @Vandem for being the worst person to have ever played Gremlins and ruining the day for everyone! :smiley:

Also, “ruin Coraline’s day” is now part of the official Gremlins rules. Just check the Official Rulebook. You’re looking for page 2, paragraph 4, item 2:

The main objectives of the game are:

  • Gather cogs
  • Ruin Coraline’s day
  • Earn money
  • Earn votes (…)

It goes on from there.


Yeah thanks everyone for accommodating my delightful time zone.
Don’t worry about being late @coralinecastell , we just wanted to make sure you saw the message so we follow through on the official rules.
Learning the rules especially page 2, paragraph 4, item 2 was great. I especially enjoyed that play on about round 5 where I took 200 dollars and 3 cogs from you followed by promptly sending you to jail even though I could have spread those penalties out… ah the memories.