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Board game night


Mahjong happening now, we have 1 slot open. It’s free to join open to any takers!


Sadly, I am at work now :disappointed:


Totally missed that. Steam hasn’t been open all day… Might nap soon now though - gotta to rest. Game Nights?

This is a game that kind of straddles the divide between “board game” and other video games. It’s a co-operative card game/deck builder, resource management sim sort of thing and a game I thought looked like it could be a good bit of fun. It is now also dirt cheap so I’m throwing the question out here, who wants to pick this up and play with me?


@Fraggles I like the card system so I dropped it in my cart. Bed soon though. I shouldn’t still be up.


Go get some sleep, make your purchase decision tomorrow with a fresh and rested mind. No need to hurry.
Have a good night and sweet dreams.


Aw thanks, we’ll chat more about it tomorrow. :heart:


I like the look of this one too.


That looks like it’s just a single player game unfortunately.


@Fraggles Oh… Trust to fall for the style and miss the most important detail. >.< Seems it’s Board game weekend, so much to look through - as long as the prices are good. :sunny:

They put Book of Demons in there too, but tbh, it’s more of a clicker than anything else, lovely as it is. In the demo, 15 mins was my max - didn’t want to hurt the paw.


Just thought I would share this.


Notice nobody much owns UNO. Only played it once as a kid, so can’t remember much. No one likes it really?

Also, I have a key for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain I kept forgetting to activate. Seems lots of Chronies have it. Anybody remember enjoying it?


Warlock of firetop mountain is again a single player game, it looks good though. I’m certainly going to try it out at some point.

UNO can be good fun, but it’s a bit on the simplistic side for what I want out of board games. It also requires a ubisoft account so that’s a no thanks from me. Would rather play UNO through tabletop simulator if anyone really wanted to play UNO


I like it. It’s essentially a choose your own adventure type story where you are going on an adventure to the top of firetop mountain. You have different characters to choose each with their own motivations and story. It’s really good IMO.


I didn’t enjoy Warlock of Firetop Mountain as much as I expected. It’s not a straight conversion from the book that I loved as a teenager. They’ve changed the combat to a grid-based move and hit. It was just a bit of a let-down. Which was a shame because the other aspects of the game were nicely done: Your character hops when it moves like a little miniature and the level builds around you as you explore.


Same here. I thought i will just love it to bits but i ended up just … liking it. Most definitely worth a play if one is interested in this genre but it didint hook me as much as i would have liked .


Aw… sorry you guys didn’t enjoy it much. It does like very cute though, your little piece hopping around and expanded the scene. Never heard of it until lately, so no book to compare it with, but I get how you’d be disappointed.

@Fraggles I keep nuzzling single player games, honestly I didn’t mean to, lol. Shouldn’t try to read stuff while I’m up late and sleepy much. >.<


Grabbed Space Food Truck, my dudes. :smile: Beware: I will scuk - totally new to that kind of thing.


That’s great, we’re all new to it so it’ll be a lot of fun figuring it out together.
We now have a handful of people who’ve bought the game but if anyone is still interested the sale is available for just under 2 hours yet. you’re now too late.


I got Food Truck and played a bit with a non-chronie friend couple of days ago. Strongly recommend watching their tutorial youtube videos. I might be around to play with you guys this weekend if I don’t have any work meetings – on a weekend, yes, I know… sigh