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Board game night


I only have one now. :heavy_heart_exclamation: For sure…




my dude I forgot you were from Brasil…



VAI TIME :brazil:


Oh, stop it… :blush:

You’re so adorable :two_hearts:

But, I understand what @Fraggles says. Lately, I am not being much active in the discussions here :-/.

For the best community in the world wide web, I promise be more active and participate effectively of the discussions.

I saw @coralinecastell playing Gremlin with the other guys, and wow, seems to be cool that game.

Also, here is the cachaça!

VAI :brazil:!




“muito bem!”

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Which remidns me of one of my favorite Brazilian video ever, B U T E C O:

This, my international friends, is where we drink cachaça :brazil:



“Butecos” are some of the most fun places in the world :joy::joy::joy:, you just sit and wait for 10 minutes and I guarantee you will see something bizarre / funny happen :rofl:

I dont know if it’s any consolation, but it’s been some time since I’ve been here and I’m practically a ghost. :ghost: :sweat_smile:


My proudest Mahjong win yet! :blush: :white_flower:

Thanks for the fun couple of rounds – of which he won the second – and tile-throwing, @Fraggles!

We’re hoping we can get a full house on voip tomorrow, if anyone is up. I might even skip – due to work and packing – but Fraggles will host the game and I’m always happy to hear some folk killed themselves on the pit trying to get a seat at the table. :hocho:


Mahjong happening now, we have 1 slot open. It’s free to join open to any takers!


Sadly, I am at work now :disappointed:


Totally missed that. Steam hasn’t been open all day… Might nap soon now though - gotta to rest. Game Nights?

This is a game that kind of straddles the divide between “board game” and other video games. It’s a co-operative card game/deck builder, resource management sim sort of thing and a game I thought looked like it could be a good bit of fun. It is now also dirt cheap so I’m throwing the question out here, who wants to pick this up and play with me?


@Fraggles I like the card system so I dropped it in my cart. Bed soon though. I shouldn’t still be up.


Go get some sleep, make your purchase decision tomorrow with a fresh and rested mind. No need to hurry.
Have a good night and sweet dreams.


Aw thanks, we’ll chat more about it tomorrow. :heart:


I like the look of this one too.


That looks like it’s just a single player game unfortunately.


@Fraggles Oh… Trust to fall for the style and miss the most important detail. >.< Seems it’s Board game weekend, so much to look through - as long as the prices are good. :sunny:

They put Book of Demons in there too, but tbh, it’s more of a clicker than anything else, lovely as it is. In the demo, 15 mins was my max - didn’t want to hurt the paw.


Just thought I would share this.


Notice nobody much owns UNO. Only played it once as a kid, so can’t remember much. No one likes it really?

Also, I have a key for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain I kept forgetting to activate. Seems lots of Chronies have it. Anybody remember enjoying it?


Warlock of firetop mountain is again a single player game, it looks good though. I’m certainly going to try it out at some point.

UNO can be good fun, but it’s a bit on the simplistic side for what I want out of board games. It also requires a ubisoft account so that’s a no thanks from me. Would rather play UNO through tabletop simulator if anyone really wanted to play UNO