Bear With Me Episode 1 is Already Free On Steam

I am NOT giving the site; I have never heard of it. But from what I see, you HAVE to sign up to their site for the key. I am not sure what they are doing…farming emails??? If I am wrong about this, let me know.

It’s already free…

Bear With Me

Across the Globe??? From the site…“Across the globe, except South America, Europe and United Kingdom.”

Update: I was wrong. You get cards and counts for a game. On Steam, that doesn’t happen. One user says…They don’t spam…I am sorry.


I got it for free on Steam (Europe here) so… maybe It’s just restricted for their weird giveaway-email-key-thing?
So weird because, as you said, It’s just free on Steam… like right there…


Apparently activating the key gives you access to cards and counts towards your games owned while just downloading it via Steam does not give these.


I know which site you are referring to and I made an account there 1-2 years ago … I even forgot about it. They don’t spam with mails at all ( I haven’t tweaked any options in their platform at all - I don’t bother changing notifications by e-mails until it gets pretty annoying ), I’m pretty sure haven’t gotten a single one since the registration one.

But like @Madway explained … steam activation doesn’t give you anything.


See…I am not into the levels, cards etc…

OK, thanks for that info. I like to hear that.