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Bandai Namco Games BYOB at Humble


Buying 5 or more from the list gets you 85% off everything, and if you are a Monthly subscriber, it’s 88% off.

A lot of never before bundled games at a pretty ridiculous sale price, for these titles.

anyway, I picked up a bunch of stuff even though I have no time to play…


Why must you tempt me with such things?

At least I don’t have any money for it right now. There’s some great deals in there for sure.


Cool sale, but sadly there’s only one game that interests me in that medium sized list…also, no Dark Souls Remastered? :frowning:


oof i could see myself buying quite a few of these. #Ripwallet


I know right :cry:


Ha ha. Silly Maoski pets You MUST play these things now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I agree the price is good, but meow! The back’s log is so heavy it will bend and break.

To everyone else being tempted:
. eyes to the floor
. back away slowly and carefully
. ignore the whispers of the shinies calling out to you.
. write your budget balance on a pillow and hold onto it tightly!
. Budget pillow plush > Shinies

(Who am I kidding… we always go down to check the basement, no matter how hard the audience yells at us not to go. clicks)


Damage already done here… I totally get your feeling.

I imagine it’s because they are still having the 50% consistent off for people who own the PTDE that keeps it out of this kind of bundle sale.

Which? If you don’t mind me asking…

Sorry… :frowning:, had to share, deal was too good for me to pass up.


I was gonna make a bundle with DS3 but everything I was slightly interested in had pretty bad reviews.
I might just grab DS3 alone, cheaper that way.


Depending on the people (how much I trust you all/know you) I might would be willing to go in on a bundle if someone wanted 2 or 3 games, I only want 1 or 2 at most.

@YQMaoski I’m not mad at you, just wishing I had more money for bundles and games right now.


Same here… I’m only interested in Soul Calibur VI which would be a great deal for 12€ at 80% off… if some of you are thinking about buying a bundle together, let me know :slight_smile:


Dark Souls 2+3 look very tempting. Are the PC ports good? I recall reading about the Dark Souls games having bad ports.


I can only personally speak for 3 and it’s great on PC.
The main problems I’ve heard about is for the first game and that was mainly the FPS lock and that a lot of shit broke if you forced it unlocked. I can’t say I’ve heard much of anything about DS2 though.


I’d go in for Tales of Symphonia for sure. Black clover: Quartet Knights is cool, but none of my Chronies have it.


I’m eyeing Tekken 7, Naruto Ninja Storm 4, and/or soulcalibur personally.

@eishiya the DS2 SOTFS port is great. Had no issues with it and it runs beautifully.


Don’t blame you! Still, I’ve got to go through Devil May Cry. bad me So I look at Soul Calibur and purr at Geralt, but better I sticking to petting him and save money to boot, ha ha.

Want chat more in PM?


sure if you wish! I’ve always wanted to try Devil May Cry, but never got around to it.


am so glad that there’s nothing of interest to me, no cash to spend rn anyway hah


Both ports worked flawlessly for me, that is playing with an original Microsoft Controller, can’t speak for those using logitech or even K&M.

That said, I’d highly recommend DS3, it’s one of the best games I’ve had the chance to play (and my library is huge, if not as big as say @YQMaoski’s or @EyeQue’s). DS2 really is more of a “just can’t get enough” title imo if you really need more Dark Souls in your life after 3. It’s okay, still above average, it just often looks bland and is a lot slower than DS3.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the DLCs for DS2 and I don’t really care about them tbh.


That’s unfortunate. the DLCs are considered the best parts of the game (and rightly so IMO). But I do have a bit of bias for DS2.


If you’re getting some of the more expensive games but are getting fewer than five, consider adding Deadcore. It’s so cheap that with the extra discount it might end up lowering your total price.

(I ended up getting two of the “$5” games instead and it still ended up cheaper than the three games I was going to get. Noice.)