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Bandai Namco Games BYOB at Humble


What did you end up getting, if you don’t mind my asking?


The three games I wanted: Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III+DLC, Enslaved: Journey to the West
The two filler games: Little Nightmares (already have it, plan to donate this one to a giveaway eventually), Impact Winter (not sure whether I’ll play it since games like this tend to frustrate me, I’ll hang on to it a while, but might also donate it to a giveaway eventually).

I’m going to wait a while before I play DS2+3 to see if DS1 goes on a nice sale. I’d prefer to play them in order if I can, since the gameplay evolves/builds up and going back to DS1 after 2 and 3 would probably feel rough.

Did you get anything?


I do not believe you need to worry much about the order you play the dark souls games. They are all very different games and there isn’t much of a notable progression in how they change between each other.

If anything I suppose the graphical fidelity would be the biggest thing, if you believe it’d be hard to play 1 after 3 and fear the visuals would feel grating in comparison.


I agree. I actually gave up partway through Dark Souls 1, and went back to it after beating DS2. Just know that DS2 (and I’m pretty sure 3) allow you to dodge in any direction, while DS1 is purely sideways, forward, or back.

I’d actually say Dark Souls 2 might be worth starting first (although there are some references in DS2 to the first one you might miss), as it’s generally considered the easiest of the three. It also has some of the best weapons IMO.\

I haven’t gotten anything yet, but Dana and I are in talks to go in together on the bundle.


I went through DS3 with only 6 directional dodging because my keyboard wont accept a third key input with A and S or S and D held. Also of course playing with M+kb the best I would have otherwise had would be 8. But lacking the two back diagonals was increasing the challenge a bit.

Still preferred that over giving up mouse look for analogue stick camera controls. And it only really mattered while you were locked onto something anyway.


true. I played through all three with just KB, so I had the same dodging you did. I just liked my diagonals and really missed that going back to the first one.


If anyone gets this, tell me, because i want Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and I gladly contribute