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Badge Hunters Anonymous


Apparently we are all just great sharers.


Well, Welcome to the Club. :gift_heart:


Thank you. Now I must begin the journey back to regular rank. :grinning:


Just got the aficionado badge, so I’m almost a third of the way to devotee!


I never looked into how to get other badges, but now I am intrigued and if someone could point me in a direction to said post would be awesome. I am quite curious how to get other badges now… :thinking: Very curious…


our dear @delenn13 already linked the "cheat sheet"

you can click on an individual badge even to read its info on how its obtained
bear in mind some can’t be obtained on chrono(email reply etc), +some are “time sensitive”(like user of the month) and others seem to be borked! :triumph: *cough GreatShare*cough :rofl:


3rd anniversary badge \o/


That’s awesome! I have only been around here less than half that time… hehe…


dang, for a moment i thought the anniversary badge was the devotee badge. would have been total crazy if you had 3 of those :dizzy_face:
but yea, 3year anniversary aint no small feat to be apart of either, you go Truly, truly, congrats :+1:


Nope I don’t even have one of those yet. :upside_down_face: I thought for sure I would by now but apparently I’ve still missed days.


I’m back to regular status boys and girls. :grinning:


Trying to get a few badges. How do you get the reply first reply by email on here?


can’t, it’s one of those few that’s unobtainable the way the system works


I can only imagine that it was functional before. I guess it was functional before or maybe even after I heard there was a different type of currency used for Chrono back in the day. The only way I could think it would work now would be under “Share a link to this post” was the “Send this link in an email.” :confused:


it’s all about how discourse is setup within each individual platform, certain features aren’t always just used/active
there is a couple on the list that doesn’t function on chrono the way discourse is connected here


We can’t use email replies. We also cannot invite people here.

I seem to have plateaued at 39. Whereas @Gnuffi here has a couple more… :smile:


well, you doooo have that little one -i can never obtain :wink:


Took me a while but I finally got one of these ^^


Congratulations @Truly :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

And out of curiosity, people:

How many “nice reply” badges do you guys have? :thinking:

I get a new notification once in a while and now I’ve amassed 223 of them… I think I post too much.


I have 21, I’m going for the

badge without ever missing a single day! I got the

Badge already so maybe I can actually do it! Will that be a new record?? Lmao