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Badge Hunters Anonymous


i see that SEO post and “FREE” tag really paid off in the latest waves of crawlers :wink:

Gz tho, it’s a mighty feat, i think some around here even thought that nearly unobtainable :+1:


Congrats to @YQMaoski and @TR3NT!:trophy:

And Congrats to @GeekInUndies. Even though he has a weird sense of fashion.:tshirt::jeans::coat::tophat::billed_cap:


So I just got the good share badge, but the achievement notification is linking me to @GeekInUndies Hitman 2 post and link. Go figure.


I just got the badge “First Share” but it says I got it I’m the topic about Edith Finch a topic I never actually went on nor do I remember hitting a share button… strange



shenanigans… shenanigans ! ! :triumph: -i demand a recount, this competition is clearly rigged! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Todd Howard here to let you know that


Hey at least you can’t be jealous that I got great share and you didn’t or something…




…Meanwhile in Mother Russia…


Since my account was closed and is now reopened am i eligible for new user of the month?


I don’t get it, why was your account closed and reopened? Is that even a thing? lol…

Seeing as it says you joined May 2017, my guess is probably not though… Sorry to burst your bubble…


Short answer: i had it taken down by request and now i’m back


I just got “Good Share”… twice
I don’t know how I got this badge. It might be some kind of bug, or I might not understand what sharing is and how to actually receive the badge :thinking:


Sweet bro thanks for sharing. :+1:




confirmed -i haven’t gotten great share, obviously borked :unamused:
but i’ve got





Maybe you should try doing something like


It’s super easy! Just follow these steps, like I did:

  1. Click on “sell your soul to Satan”
  2. Check the “I am not a robot” box, because we don’t want to be handing out free games to robots now
  3. Click all the cat pics – careful not to click the dog ones!
  4. Insert your email, your steam username and password, your mother’s favorite dish and a security question that no one will ever guess such as “what your social security number?”
  5. You’re all set! You should get your game code via email any time now if you can access it


aaand suddenly i miss the April 1st Gamehole :rofl: :hugs: