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Average Game Completion Rate


well, it certainly fits the profile name :wink:
had me cracking, (hilarious sounds/moo’s going through my head there), because reminded me of this



hahaha, i remember that, what was it from?


the sentient bovine hordes of the secret pegleg portal’s dimension: Cow Level, in Diablo 2 :joy:


Yeah, made a 100% achievement guide for that a while back :confused:

Game not on steam any more?


i think it was one of those zonitron games, which got tossed from steam in the big “cleanup” of misrepresenting publisher sock puppet accounts etc


Such a fun word to say. Encephalopathy. Mmm. Encephalopathy.


i felt like slightly reviving the "fcn useless achievements"type, -because today this happened

didn’t even freaking need to install or even run the game to unlock it!:triumph: -i just merely added it to my account, and i noticed it gave me the first fcn achievement… :man_facepalming:
(i’d like to point out this is very likely just a bug, but really truly illustrates the pointlessness, (and frustration) of some achievements settings/"just click play"chevos)


That achievement isn’t for you, it’s for them for managing to get another sucker to pay for their half finished game.


I know I’m a nub :frowning: , but I don’t really go for achievements, I prefer the badges!
Also I have a severe case of Game Noncompletion, so most of the games I played I got through about half of it and then left it in the dust :cry:


In the day and age when computer games get pushed in your face in bundles of 5-10 at a time, once weekly, it’s no wonder there’s an epidemic of Game Noncompletion all around the globe.

I have not activated this key for myself yet, it’s been sitting there. I just didn’t think I would play this game…


ok i guess



My average is not too bad I think. The average would be maybe 2 - 4% higher if it wasn’t held back by Payday 2 with only 10 achievements gained. I played a bit when it had around 400 ish achievements. The devs seems to keep adding more and more and is now nearing a total of 1100.


Just for the record, the only achievements that matter are Mini Metro. Go 100% that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


this is the worst, just happened wt the enchanted cave 2, also most of the new achievements require what’s essentially replaying the main game 3+ times


Thanks i guess


lol i guess


hmm… i guess


How do you get the box in box quotes? …

I guess?


i just keep quoting people :smile:
i take the quote “first” that i want be the bottom/underlying “slate”, then cut the [/quote] at the end, and fill in the other quotes “in order”, and finish off with the final [/quote] at the end

[quote crazyboi] <boi’s text>

[quote Kratos] <text referring to “boy”>

[quote Mufasa] <that’s not our lands Simba> [/quote]{ending of Mufasa quote}
[/quote]{ending Kratos quote}= box fitting own + Mufasa
[/quote]{ending crazyboi’s quote}=becoming the “all encompassing box”
^(without the “{whatever text example i used to describe stuff}”)

basically you just “quote” someone, then click inside the already quoted text (but before the [/quote] part), and click/does another quote and so on and so on “on top off/inside each other” etc…


Interesting… I think I get the hang of it. :smile: Thanks!

I can see how the order can get messed up pretty easily though… Well, something else to practice when I get a chance! :slight_smile: