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Average Game Completion Rate



I don’t know when I got 8 perfect games, but my completion rate tends to stay around 35%.

I’m hoping to add Celeste to my list of perfect games but I’m stuck on C-Side Summit :sweat:.


This is interesting I guess

Edit: Fixed the box thanks @Gnuffi for saying how to do that.




sooo, in an attempt to cash in on data, and keep a tight leash on what then subsequently was available to people; Valve decided to “fck” with achievements and rounding them, so no more “precise” decimal point “rare” achievements for us now ? :thinking: :man_shrugging:
(boy am i glad i’m not a person obsessing about having lost a 0.?x and now have to settle for a 0.1, O.2 or Ø.3 etc “rarity”, losing such double decimal point prestigious status) :smile:

(slight clarification maybe, what it means now for your/“our” achievements, is the personal achievements displayed on profile, will now match the previous already rounded public/“global achievements”, so your 0.18% “personal achievement display”, etc, just got changed to a 0.2 on your profile or achievement showcase apparently?) :+1:




Reviving this just to say I broke 4000 achievements after 9 years (40 perfect games) - time between 3000->4000 was about 2 years… also my 25-35% completion rate is holding steady (32% right now), and games played rate is sitting at 67% (I usually try to play everything at least for a couple achievements/hours to give it a fair chance).


I have 31% lol

Might be a bit higher if Spore had Steam achievements




Nothing special :slight_smile:



I don’t display my totals on Steam b/c of a few inflation games that gave me 50k junk achievements:

Those worthless achievement games don’t show up in my perfect game totals, though I have to say most of the perfected/completed games I have are very easy to get.

I just don’t go for completion any more, don’t have the time or the patience to do it.

I also don’t display the game totals, that’s also inaccurate for me, though it’s pretty close I guess:

Also, I am completely confused as to what this means:



There is a community that tracks achievements and stats - AStats. And the best part is, they filter out trivial and trash achievements quickly for people like @YQMaoski that want more accuracy, and give achievements a score based on how many people have achieved them - so any achievement more than 50% of the playerbase has can’t give you more than 1 point for example.

The breakdown is fairly simple and it’s hard to game the system, so it tends to be more accurate than a raw count:
Trivial – 50% to 100% completion – 0.0 to 1.0 points
Common – 25% to 50% completion – 1.0 to 3.0 points
Uncommon – 6.2% to 25% completion – 3.1 to 9.0 points
Rare – 1.8% to 6.2% completion – 9.1 to 19.0 points
Epic – <1.8% completion – 19.0+ points
The calculation is a bit more complex than that as it also tries to take into account HowLongToBeat, so huge strategy games requiring 1000s of hours tend to give slightly more points versus an indie 2-hour flash in the pan, but the core system is still rarity.

Anyways, AStats is one of @YQMaoski’s recommended groups and websites so I tried it out 2-3 years ago and really like it. My current point total is 9,657 and I’m aiming for 10k this year! :poop: