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Average Game Completion Rate


66 achievements only, come on man, now if it were 66k… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I can’t get the last achievement… I eventually gave up, cuz I just couldn’t manage… The last section is too hard for me…


i rly almost never go out of my way just to get an achievement, i don’t rly care

and why would i, i’m now swimming in them, all thx to u, lol


u see, u tried to be a force for good, and now u’ve created a monster


Well… I am not going to point any fingers… I didn’t start us down this path intentionally. I wouldn’t have mentioned anything… :rofl: Mistakes beget regrets, I guess… But glad to have made you happy. :slight_smile:


it’s simple rly, now all u have to do is embrace yr guilt till u no longer care, and then launch all those other trivia games, don’t worry, it’s ez, it’s nice, it’s sweet, shhhhhh, embrace it, now sleep… dream… be happy

oooooooh, all these achievements, oooooh, happiness in a bottle (or whatever they come in i dont know)


I always try to get all the achievements, but because I like rogue games it is impossible to get all of them therefore I only have 66% completion
Sometimes I really dislike to hunt for achievements, because it makes me play a game longer then I would like too
And this way I miss out a lot of games that dont have any achievements :frowning:
And I didnt play all my games yet :blush: I only played 612 out of …



off topic;
i just realize i’ve been moo’ed :joy: :rofl: :+1:




that’s ok my gnome friend, just add some chocolate to whatever comes with that…


yeah I thought those were real games when I actually bought them they had only 1 achievement
I dislike those devs who add more achievements later :frowning: only to sell more


I’m just kidding yoshi, but i can’t help pointing out that i now have more achievements than u (it’s all @YQMaoski’s fault; i rly rly can’t help it; i think i need to go into rehab now)


yeah I will join you :smiley:
Btw the only achievement spam game I liked and still like is zup


i mean, how does one react to this :dizzy_face:
-“got milk” ? :thinking:
does one contact the FDA to report a case of mutated sentient bovine spongiform encephalopathy ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
what’s the proper procedure after such encounter !?! :rofl:
i did not see that coming, -and i probably should have :man_facepalming: :confounded: :joy:
well played sir Utters :+1: :smile:


y zup is cool rly, the concept is great and it definitely has a fun factor to it


I have been thinking the same thing for the past few days… looks like we got Moo’ed on the same day…



it’s infectious rly, it spreads


Its a virus


u know i actually had to add certain ppl cuz their settings wouldn’t let me comment otherwise, so i had to add them just to MOOOOO them (I think @YQMaoski and you were actually of those, rofl), after which i could unfriend them, rofl


a “moo spree” -cows running rampant and mooing everywhere
ahh harith, finding the only flaw in my defense
*“adds friend” -fulfills "friend only comment"protocol security procedure,
-and leaves
brilliant :+1: :trophy: :hugs:


i’m rly glad that got a laugh out of u man, lol (u r my gateway to chronies btw, i just follow u and then go off of yr friends list whenever i need to find someone [though to be fair there’s other ppl, like @delenn13, who could play that role too])