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Average Game Completion Rate


imo no disclaimer needed even if you had :wink:, not like it matters, not to mentions 99% of achievements are inherently worthless anyway, so the achievement (spam) hunters/devs doesnt really add or detract much anyway imo. -besides being super annoying if/when oneself is playing and suffering through it :face_with_head_bandage: :man_facepalming: :smile:

pretty sure a few games have their achievements in such manner you actually don’t even need to play it, and can get it just from idling.
somewhat sure i even had one 100% from that; they came from teh moon :thinking:,
and ofc just a couple of others that lower your stats by only unlocking one/few that way, adding it to your list total “dragging it down”, since now you’ll actually have to play and complete them one day :man_facepalming:, questrun, camera obscura, cortex command etc all have those “launch the game”/“idle x minutes” bs achievements :confounded: -worst idling ever…


I wanted to let people know that I didn’t jump on the bandwagon after they increased the achievements…

Here’s my purchase 2 months ago:

It was on sale, and I felt like buying some trivia/puzzle things to play.

Knights was a really good game. The Trivia Vault games were kind of useless, now they are just stupid…


I can no longer display achievements on my Steam page because of this, looks too stupid…

I actually like achievements, but I like the ones I earn or get through gameplay, not flipping an on switch and getting 5000 at a time, makes the ones I actually earn look so miniscule… :sob::cold_sweat:


well i want ppl to know i bought the whole lot just because of this; and they will be featured on my steam page



:open_mouth: wut, 12 games for 2$, i thought steam imposed the 50cent minimum last year :thinking:, and was why i hadn’t seen any such packs in a while :man_shrugging: (not that i was particularly looking hard for them these days anyway :laughing:) :+1:


I should have 110k steam achievements after launching all


i just think that’s hilarious rly


It was bundled together, I think both Knights and Agents of Mayhem was 50-60 cents each, and the whole Trivia bundle was 1 dollar, so I didn’t really think before I pulled the trigger. I definitely got my money’s worth from Knights alone, I put 12 hours into that game before I completed it, and I actually enjoyed it…


I see you have 35k right now, which is impressive enough… I am sad that I have these fake stats now…

Hind sight… :disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::sob:


i get u, but to me steam is like a game in itself; it’s not something i take srsly it’s just there as a distraction; also, it’s quite obvious to everyone that these can’t be “real” achievements, lol, so i don’t think this would actually ever fool anyone anyways…

i see this more as a sort of absurd joke, which i appreciate, lol


Whatever floats your boat, bud. :slight_smile:


this reminds me i need to finish playing the Zup series, lol, which u actually do need to play to get the hundreds or thousands of achievements, and it is kinda fun too


I see it didn’t take you too long to get your achievements… :rofl:

I just looked at the trivia vault bundle, there’s 21 total titles… that’s going to account for 105,000 achievements instantly…


y, lol, hard work man, still going, it does crash yr steam btw, rofl, the first one didnt, but all the others did


Too many achievement popups for Steam client to handle… that’s when you know it’s absurd…


i think i recall “some” people getting sad/upset about steam putting in the achievement limit in games :laughing:, no more 10k+ games, -i’m starting to wonder if you might would have liked them to be able to continue that too harith :thinking:, instead of having to settle for 5k cheevos per game now :wink: :smile:


lol, i never actively looked for such games u know, lol, i also rly couldnt care enough about this to either be sad or upset, nor excited as a matter of fact, but when someone points it out and i can have a laugh, then why not

anyway, i think i now qualify as a pro gamer with all my “achievements” and shit


i probably wouldn’t mind a game spamming cheevos either if they actually made some fun out of it, just to have and to feature some of them, :laughing: -tho ofc i cba to browse through thousand upon thousands of achievements either anyway just to see if i can find something to fancy or giggle about :man_shrugging: :smile:

“i totally didn’t just watch 10hours (patched) hentai on steam”-achievement (have it pop up one after another for each “X minutes of “progress””) :rofl:


i actually had fun playing some of the zup games (u can finish those in less than an hour or so, and they are quite fun puzzly games), and it served me well as i actually used the achievements to spell out my name on my profile, lol


i looked for games like that, but most just have such bland or uninspiring icons
(-and for some reason some early "alphabet"type achievement games, didn’t feature all letters lol :smile:)
so to get my name, while looking somewhat in a decent fashion i could stomach, i’d need a bunch/too many of different than i could bother, especially those that required actual play to earn… :expressionless:
(and ofc there are also recently so many "letter"games i stopped looking through the lists/guides, because effort :man_shrugging: -same reason i haven’t done my steam profile setup “proper”; cba /care :joy:)


This game is reasonably fun, but frustrating at times… Ate up pretty much my whole weekend last weekend… has a bunch of letters, and is currently $0.49…

Here are the achievements: