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Average Game Completion Rate


My favorite “achievement” isn’t even an achievement. I beat my Dad in tennis. Once. My great grandfather was still playing tennis at 90+ so I might have to wait a while before I get the chance to beat my Dad again, purely hoping Father Time is kinder to me than him.


Well that’s certainly worth a little icon on a poppup if anything : )


I agree about those “experiment! :D?!” achievements. Experimentation is fun when you do it because you’re curious, it’s not at all fun when you have to do it because the chevo list told you do. I vaguely recall a game that had achievements for dying in very specific ways and I just… no. No, game.

I see what you’re saying about playtesters providing that information, but playtesters are a small, non-representative sample. Data gathered from real players is more useful. I think these progress-measuring achievements are harmless, as long as there are other achievements that are interesting to the players and not just the devs.



Seems like so far I have the most achievements, most perfect games and the rarest achievement (the rest are 0.19%, 0.23%, and then three tied at 0.26%). All from Warhammed: End Times - Vermintide too! I guess I should work on my average completion rate :space_invader:.

@Gnuffi doesn’t count until he posts proof in this thread :sweat_smile:.


I am fine with my average game completion rate based on achievements (61%), but…

… my average games played rate (32%) is in need of improvement :sweat_smile:

Those damn deals, bundles and free games :see_no_evil:


i only completed 2 games so far…nnnn


How do you get all the information shown in your second picture? I have never seen that in steam o.O


steamdb feature
(there is even a link if you click the pic)


For those with masochistic tendencies, Game Dev Tycoon just added a couple new achievements, one of which I earned with a 0.25% right now (currently my rarest achievement). The other one is even harder, but I will get it! It’s not that hard (survive the pirates!), but since it’s an older game with a new content update I imagine most players won’t bother reinstalling and playing it again.

It’s still a fun game though and the new “challenge” mode of fighting against gamers that routinely steal your games instead of paying for them provides for some hilarious shenanigans (I have screenshots of 92% and 93% of copies getting pirated) which is miserable trying to create hit games AND survive on 7% of the income because everyone is downloading your hard work.

For the record, I’m pretty anti-piracy, especially when it comes to games - there’s so many free games out there that can entertain just as well as paid AAA titles I don’t see any justification being valid, plus any attempts to justify piracy show how spoiled the thief truly is. To think they are entitled to someone else’s hard work for free is beyond asinine and classless, no matter how scummy developers can be (yes I hate EA just as much or more than the next gamer, but I still don’t steal from them).

As for other media, as a kid I downloaded Spiderman when it was in theaters and the copy turned out to be a terrible, pixellated bukkake mess of a shaky cam theater, complete with people standing up during the showing. I was so miserable and guilt-ridden after 10 minutes of trying to bypass the rules I repented, vowing to never steal a movie again and just pay the $10 to see it in a theater if I really wanted to see it. That’s held through to today, except now I pay a monthly $10 to see as many movies I want in theaters (MoviePass is great, highly recommend if in USA).

Music is odd for me since it’s not a huge priority, however I’ve worked with Tim Westergren starting back in college when he was founding the music genome project and helped with the integration of classical music into his analysis, so basically I’ve always been fine with radio-style playlists (never cared to own or buy CDs). Zero temptation to pirate music.

TV is odd also - I didn’t grow up with it, nor developed an addiction later in life. I pick one service (typically Netflix, but rotate through Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO) to pay for each month, typically $10-15, and just watch their shows. If I get bored or hear about a show on a different service, I make a list and when I have enough TV shows on the list I drop one provider and switch to another until I finish those shows. Works great since I don’t watch too much TV, maybe 2-3 shows total each month. Right now, slogging through Jessica Jones season 2, Ozark season 1. Looking forward to going back to Prime soon because of Man in the High Castle, The Americans, and something else I enjoy has new seasons out. I helped greenlight Sneaky Pete and The Tick for Amazon as one of the original Prime members that watch their shows, so they would send us pilots back in 2014? 2015? and then inundate us with surveys afterward. Twas fun, but some of the pilots were just bad. Anyway, rabbit trail done!


@YQMaoski What the actual fuck??!!??


What i dislike most is achievements who force u to play the game more than once, like when there’s 2 opposite achievements for a single choice


lol, exactly what r we looking at here?


This is mine. I have refunded a couple games where i got achievements and if I remember even tho you refund your achievements remain so i lost a couple %.


@YQMaoski also haven’t apparently played it yet. Odd.:thinking:


??? You didn’t notice the 5000 achievements?


it’s just one of those achievement spammy games, you know the new fad on steam among certain devs/publishers :+1:
you barely need to play the games, usually you can get thousands of cheevos in less than 15minutes, sometimes just from after pressing start on the main menu, so fast/little time it barely registers :thinking:

maoski played ca. 20mins
-seems about right
these days you never know what you get in a pack, i got one of those games/packs in my library too last year, worst game-achievement concept ever,
but some people apparently see it as a plus -even asking for it on forums to be added to the game to “add value”… somehow lol :thinking: kids these days are weird…
achievement spam are definitely worse than any other achievement type these days, :smile:


I have no idea why it popped up with so many achievements, it’s a really stupid Trivia game, apparently turned into achievement farm overnight. It used to just have 1 achievement until yesterday… I thought it was a mistake, I logged into the games to look at what the deal is, then my Steam account started filling up with achievement pop ups continuously… All of the games in that line turned into 5000 achievements farms, and there’s no playing even… You literally turn the game on and off and they overwhelmed my computer with the achievement popups…

I originally purchased the game to actually try out the trivia questions with my wife, a couple of months ago, the questions were decent, and we played for a little bit. My up-stream speed was a bit slow and we were trying to do it over Steak Link, but gave up because there’s no pause of the game, and the music/cheer sound effects/slow Link stream to the TV was just not enough for us to continue.

Sorry guys, I seem to have made a fool of myself.

I was showing my wife the idiocy of the matter, so I turned on the next one to show her the pop ups.

Disclaimer: I have never purchased any achievement farm games on purpose!


I have 5323 atm… and i still have some games that might give me a couple thousand more…


loooool, i have some achievement farming games, but u actually do have to play them, rofl, i’ve never seen anything like this


someone in the reviews says the 5000 achievements crashed their steam :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m getting this cuz i think it’s funny when ppl see yr achievements total and go wtf :cow: