Assassin's Creed Valhalla


Technically they did show a bit of “live” footage, not cinematic. The part where he’s standing in the house with a torch is live footage. They’re playing loose with “gameplay”. xD




I hope that this new Assassin will be more like Origins and less like Odyssey.



So that ‘gameplay’ video has 22k likes and 40k dislikes on Youtube. I guess people really loved all that ‘gameplay’ … Ubisoft is such a shit , jeez.


I love how it’s because they promised gameplay and well… it was mostly cinematic :joy:


Or it was just their play, they knew the media would be all over this and would make the trailer reach even more people, and are confident enough that the game will do well when releases and nobody will remember this trailer. #21stCenturyMarketing


cutting down the grind @Gnuffi

well, though i’ve never grinded in the 2 previous games at all (not purposefully at least, but maybe that’s also cuz i can’t help myself from doing almost every possible thing i encounter on my travels [something i was thinking of stopping doing cuz apparently i’m still suffereing from AssCreed burnout since i still havent gone back to it so far]), i can’t deny there must have been “grind” in it since they’re “cutting it down”

(to me grinding is more redoing things over and over just to level up, something which I’ve never done nor had to do in both Origins and Odyssey)

it seems ppl were hitting “progression walls” but if anything, i’m always overpowered for the mission levels I have to do since i do all the side quests stuff too; it’s the exact same in both these games and all the borderlands games; i’m always op for the mission stuff, never hitting any “progression walls”

maybe the problem is rather that many modern (perhaps younger?) gamers don’t rly enjoy/explore games the same way others do (used to?) and they just want to get it over with and want quick satisfaction/resolution. I hope this will not negatively affect gaming in general.


I finished both Origins and Odyssey and I can say that I enjoyed the first one more. For me Odyssey had too much copy-paste content (forts), even the tombs looked absolutely the same.
They should focus more on providing more enjoyable content than adding bigger maps in which you must do the same stuff over and over again.
When I finished Odyssey I was actually tired of it, and I fear that Valhalla is going to serve the same concept. Moreover, the price tags for this game are absolutely ridiculous.


That’s the quality of yearly releases, both games were probably developed at the same time, but by different teams and one being released sooner than the other. You get more of the same. Takes a good dev team to make a yearly release game look fresh and unique. It probably had lot of resource and ideas shared between, even the settings were similar. But as far as I’m aware, AC games always had some repetitive content.


I liked the grind in Odyssey, at least for the quests. They were so different and fun. The forts were definitely mostly copy-pasted, but it was at least content. New game is probably going to be shell in comparison.


Is the story important in AC? I’ve played abit of AC1 and AC2 but missed all the intervening ones over the years


not rly honestly, they rly trimmed the backstory from back in the beginning anyways, so except for the ezio trilogy within itself (which was great back in the day, but i rly can’t imagine that stuff has aged well [though i rly disliked young ezio but then rly loved him older]) or what’s his face who you’d play with in the present day in the first games till he does what neo does at the end of the matrix or whatever (i dont even remember cuz that all kinda sucked), it rly shouldn’t matter and most games in between the first ones and the newest ones kinda sucked (and i skipped new orleans, london, and paris myself cuz i was just tired of it [and rogue too]). Blackflag was a highlight back then cuz of the sea stuff back then, but that’s present in the newest games regardless too.

honestly, unless u rly rly wanted to play more of the old ones (but in that case i’d imagine u would have), yr probably better of jumping straight into Origins (where they, again, kinda revamped the backstory)


Honestly, it feels like they disregarded the original story. You could skip to Unity and play through to Odyssey perfectly understand what they “added” to the story. It helps to understand some references, but you absolutely will not be lost skipping most of the earlier games.



I’m so beyoned excited for this game! From the leaks I can tell it took Odyssey and improved the its areas. Now I am really bitter about the less than ideal accuracy of the Scandinavian peoples and the watered down side-quest quantity, but if the game is great…I’m good!

Leaks in question:


At least it’s true gameplay, knowing Ubisoft, they would make a simulated unnatural gameplay like they usually do. :rofl: