Assassin's Creed Valhalla


I’m so excited! Vikings and Scandinavia are my thing. I’m so happy we are getting this, just hope we have the option of character select still. I get it if we don’t, but it would be great to see it. :slight_smile:



OH MY GOD! You can select your character?! The pre-order even has a statue of her? Unless this is an NPC, but I don’t think the ultimate edition would package an NPC instead of the main character?

Their name is Eivor! A site said Elvor, which made NO sense, but Eivor makes total sense! I’M SO HAPPY! lol why must I be poor! Somehow, I have to figure out how to get this. I just can’t miss it!




So wait, you can’t even pre-order on Ubisoft’s client? You’ll only be able to play it through them through their stupid Play service?!

Are you seriously telling me that the only way I can play is through Epic?! What! Why would they do this? Why?! :sob: This better be a 1 year deal!


Mostly peoples thing is fictional version of Vikings and Scandinavia while true life of average Viking was as dull as anyone’s else around that time.

Btw i’m also very much into that fictonal nordic stuff, mythology but i’m quite aware that most of it are just stories.


I’m into it for the history. I find their (Scandinavian and Proto-Germanic tribes) culture, way of life and languages to be extremely fascinating. It stems through my love of languages, I think. :sweat_smile:

I read the Eddur and the like, study the languages, culture, faith etc. The fake myth stuff Marvel and Skyrim made popular is interesting in its own right as a fun deviation, but I want this to be represented as faithfully as possible because that is what I love. I know getting accurate languages for the people will be tremendously difficult, but I hope they at least try.


no, you can ofc also preorder/order on Uplay, and wherever you buy it, even if on Steam later on, you’ll have to go through their client to launch it regardless, as with all Ubisofts


Okay! That’s all I care about. I mean it would be nice to have it on Steam, but so long as I can buy it from Uplay and play it through their own client, I am happy! Thank you for clearing it up for me. :slight_smile:


Apparently these are “in game” screenshots, but some of them look like paintings.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the hidden blade is no longer considered the main weapon in these AC games, but just a secondary weapon which makes it not so assassin’s creed. I’ve stopped playing after Black Flag because it didn’t excite me anymore and I didn’t have a PC to run the demanding games.

I get it that to make these settings fit, the hidden blade must be made secondary, since these warriors have their own weapon type preferences. They don’t even have the assassin look anymore. It just doesn’t feel like an AC game and Ubisoft just uses it to sell. And some people don’t care, so it works for them.

For this game, I just hope they get together with the people who worked on For Honor and build a game that feels that solid in combat, and also use the same engine. Hopefully without the overused hand-holding user interface / HUD. :stuck_out_tongue:


the hidden blade is your main stealth weapon, just as it’s always been

it was never your main fighting weapon to begin with

as for the assassin look, these protagonists aren’t assassins to begin with, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to look like an order which they haven’t even ever heard of

becoming an assassin takes place quite far in these newer stories actually (relatively near the end even in Origins, and I’m 67 hours in in Odyssey, and i dont think i’ve even heard of the order so far in the game)

you also have the option to change your clothing and your style, so you can choose to look like an assassin or not look like one, which i think is a plus, not a minus


Well, I play the full stealth path, it was definitely my main weapon always. I considered getting involved in relentless combat a failure. :smile:

Can you truly call yourself an assassin if you get caught all the time?






I am also playing Odyssey, I am on the Atlantis DLC right now. I had to make super long breaks on this game tho.



So apparently they have translatable runes in the website. I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, but if they can be accurately translated etc, then I have some faith! :slight_smile:


So i’ve watched that Launch Trailer. These Vikings are pretty much Vikings from TV series rather than actual Vikings from history.


They’ve announced you can fully customize your Viking, and not only that, they will be used to help other players during raids etc! THIS IS AWESOME! xD


Apparently, it will release December 31st 2020! According to Amazon, of course. Sweet!


I’m very sad. I just got my money in to pre-order the collectors edition, but now it is out of stock. I’m so devastated. :frowning:


Gameplay footage!

(note, very little of it is actual gameplay footage lol)


Looks amazing.
I expect AC Valhalla to be as great as Odyssey or Origins are.


there was actually zero gameplay in that trailer, wtf