Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Apparently, they’re doing this here live or something, but i can’t watch cuz im working atm.

i guess atm he’s just waiting for that or something

looks like it’s going to be the vikings this time (I guess they keep avoiding japan cuz that’s what everyone rly wants or something?)


turned out to be nothing but this written statement, lol:



Watched the artist draw the reveal art. I already knew it was Viking based, but I am beyond pleased that we actually got the confirmation from BossLogic AND Ubisoft today.

I’m very excited for this game!


why they even bothering to call it assassin’s creed anymore i wonder :thinking:


lol, the protagonists are still assassins fighting the templars. that hasnt actually changed. there’s still some of that backstory going on to it going back from before humans were a thing all the way to today

btw, i dont know if you have or not, but u rly should play origins and odyssey; those are rly great games that completely outshine all previous ones (and i played everything until black flag but then i got tired of it); the change of genre is the best thing that ever happened to the series


yea but the gameplay has changed significantly, (and the story too from what i gather), to where one could question what it even has to do with the franchise (even tho stale) when it’s turned in to more of a regular “historical” actioney openworld “rpg” -which i’m betting they are gonna continue on with and “expand” on in valhalla, and it’s probably not exactly gonna be a return to ass creed form if you will
like, at what point, when a game changes so much, does it stop being the same franchise even tho you slap the same title on and try to tie some of the writing in?
don’t get me wrong, i think the old ass creed formula had definitely run its course, it just seem silly to not just go full ham and embrace the “new” and let it be its own


It’ll still be about the Assassins, the only thing that has changed is that the gameplay is superior to the old format (and people have responded well to it). Personally, I could never go back. My favorite was AC1, and AC2 was okay, but everything that followed was pretty horrendous and or repetitive. Hide in a bush, press Y to assassinate. This way, they can tell the stories they want and offer gameplay that’s not mind numbingly basic.


i haven’t played the 2 new myself, only seen the gameplay, and from what i “see” it doesn’t scream “assassin game” to me,
like i said they old formula had run its course, but if you have an assassin game it’s not enough to have a “story” about some brotherhood, idono for me rpg gameplay and grind just doesn’t fit in with the assassin theme: make it stealth action (just better than it used to) i think that’s my point; the gameplay might be superior now, but what does it have to do with the franchise or “assassining”? when it’s just rpg’ing with every single element then cobbled in with some “story”
like i said, at what point does a franchise change so much it’s not actually the same? Odyssey/Valhalla might be good, but is it actually an Assassin’s creed game? just seems silly to me to keep the title for pure marketing/brand recognition when they are so much different now from what it “was”, good/better/bad or not


honestly, we’re only having this discussion cuz you haven’t played them, lol

the stealth is still 100% there if you want it to (you can still take out whole bases and assassinate the leaders in them without getting caught), and the action has always been there from before as well, you always had the choice of either doing stealth or combat

as Rhyagelle said, it’s only done better and the only real difference in gameplay is you have more choice of weapons and there’s an RPG element to it in that you can choose which skills to develop (first) and there’s rarity and strength levels in weapons with qualities etc.

at it’s core, nothing has rly changed at all, you’re still accessing someone’s memories through a machine (no longer has to be blood related and machine can be taken with) and discovering/living old time periods while being an assassin fighting the power

if anything, they did away with everything which kept the series (and the lore [but there’s still a bunch of nonsense there regardless, lol]) down

there’s also zero grind in the game actually. there’s no need to go grind enemies or anything like that, lol


my point is the rpging doesn’t fit, for me
please tell me what “fetch a horse” or “go kill a boar” so you can get “new tunic +1” or “gold rimmed helmet +2” has remotely todo with stealth action and assassining?
^the above, and other was exactly why i haven’t bought them yet, after seeing gameply, being a big enjoyer of the franchise. Not like the stupid bland openworld needed more bloat, so now having to do a zillion, non-assassin related, rpg quests to lvl up and get meaningless ever increasing +stat gear didn’t really seem like something i’d enjoy when AC was already pushing it’s mindlessness and bloat limit as it was, but at least it kept it in line with assassining.
It seems sooo much more like an rpg game than an assassins game, which is why i haven’t bothered to “try myself” from watching gameplay, as it seems like i’d bang my head against a wall if i had to “do those things myself” when all i want is just to slice some throats and backstab people (throughout). Still having elements of that “available” doesn’t take away all the other “weirdness”/out of place elements to the franchise format that is there. I mean, they know it’s so bloated they even gave you a cashshop to boost your grind progress through the rpg lvling so you can get on with the story… (another element that really put me off, since the already bloated openworld didn’t need more bloat specially not to the degree of boosters beeing present)

^these “grindy” mentions i’m not pulling from my ass, not having played it myself; it was heavily mentioned on release, and from gameplay i’ve seen doing repeat fetch/kill/“lvl up” quests

i guess what i “wanted” was more Thief, but assassin’s like, and not just another openworld rpg, hence why i haven’t been interested in forking out the price tag to test myself when gameplay alone put me off from that “theme”/element i was seeking, and wasn’t really in the mood for rpg’ing :thinking:
(i do own origins tho, i think, just not Odyssey which from what i understand is even the better of the 2)


i think that’s just ppl complaining cuz Ubisoft gave the option to buy shortcuts, but me playing the game and having finished Origins can assure you i never had to grind to get or be able to do anything, stuff just comes naturally through progressing by playing the game. (i’ve met enemies i couldnt handle cuz they were op ofc, that yes, and then i’d just have to come back later, but i think that’s also a cool and inventive mechanic to “lock” certain story elements [or even gear] till you’re farther in the game)

i guess some ppl dont want to experience the game as it’s supposed to be played, so Ubisoft created a product for those ppl, and then other ppl complain about that; i understand none of the 2 player parties involved (couldn’t care less), and ubisoft is just being ubisoft and cashing in i guess

basically, it’s like someone would buy the Witcher 3 but not want to play through the came, so CD Project Red would sell a dlc that allows you to skip most of it or something, which makes zero sense ofc

and before someone comes and says that

(i’ve met enemies i couldnt handle cuz they were op ofc, that yes, and then i’d just have to come back later, but i think that’s also a cool and inventive mechanic to “lock” certain story elements [or even gear] till you’re farther in the game)

is the definition of grinding, no, cuz it’s just the game locking you out of areas you’re not supposed to be in as of now (which is all the more fun when u actually succeed to go in stealthily and steal some loot from in there); grinding is when u get stuck in the game cuz you’re too weak to actually be able to do what you’re supposed to be doing at that moment in the story


i can see that being a possibility given how varied player gameplay can be, i just rolled my eyes so big they almost got stuck in the back of my head at those spam quests when i saw it (which i’m guessing their purpose is to help lvl up?, otherwise they seem kinda weird)
but yea, i think my main problem is i probably wanted a game closer to Thief but with more assassin’ing and creed in it, than i wanted the new direction/historical rpg fest, it just doesn’t jell with me “when i see it”. Looks gorgeous and solid from a openworld rpg game, it just doesn’t seem enough like an Assassin’s Creed game to me, to where i questioned the continued use of the name :thinking:
^i will probably still pick it up “one day”, i’m such a sucker anyway :sweat_smile:


dude, fire up origins, you’re gonna have a blast, and you can stealth you’re way all the way through it as much as u’d like (which is my preferred way of doing things till i get caught)


i will at some point, ugh that backlog tho, i “just” installed Forgotten Anne i bought last week, with the intention of then playing it asap. Haven’t done anything but a couple of hours of quake the past week… :unamused: -even installing games doesn’t help to push me on the schedule anymore :confounded:


I get the idea of it. I never felt like I was grinding in Odyssey though, everything flowed so very smoothly. My friend grinds a lot out of preference, but it is out of preference. Also, the sneak factor is still there, only now it is even more important to avoid direct contact unless specifically told to. So there’s that, too. :slight_smile:

I think RPG elements were more prominent in Origins as well, and was fleshed out to work more with AC in Odyssey.


I like the style of origin and Odyssey alot more then the original games, Odyssey was the first assassins creed game I actual got into to. I hope they continue that with the new one, and beyond.


I wonder when will they run out of cool and iconic (not iconic as that dudes from watch dogs baseball cap ) historical periods and have to actually think of something original themselves.



thx for that @GeekInUndies; didn’t know it was out yet, and now i’m rly exited to go back to Odyssey :joy:


oh gawd yissssss