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I think we’re already past that, lol.


Yes, but I’m drawing a distinction between game dev Valve Corp., and Steam execs. Valve “Please Leave A Message And Maybe We Won’t Get Back To You Ltd”. Looking at what they’d achieved as a development house would be enough to make most developers slightly envious.



well, we had a good run Seabiscuit, now lets visit the glue factory


lol, y i uninstalled that thing a while ago rofl


you reckon if they had cloned pubg, set it in both CSGO and TF2 style games, but made the guns shoot cards it would have gone better for them? :thinking:

“The Battle Royale TCG -now get your melt on and bottled urine while it’s hot”


well, maybe y, but only if the game would have had day-one paid dlc and loads of micro-transactions (TF2 hats and csgo skins, for example), and if those cards/ammunition would spend yr Steam wallet in real time while u were playing the game, thus requiring u to keep inputting Steam wallet card codes while playing it, thus heavily favoring the one who had the most money and was also the fastest at inputting the codes while also keeping their aim steady and avoiding enemy fire