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It has Richard Garfield, so very good, it’s made to fit DOTA, wich at first glance I’m not sure if that restrains the game, and to end, Valve made it, so it probably will make money.

I’m a sucker for collectible card games but this one is not calling me, in part because I didn’t even finished the dota tutorial years ago.


Personally i rly want to get this, but i keep hesitating because of the monetization BS; I’m fine with ppl having the option to buy packs while others (myself) can grind for them, but as of now there’s no option whatsoever to get packs for free at all (except if yr good enough to consistently perform in drafts, and i probably wont be of those ppl i guess, lol)


Thing is, economy in game for card games is a decent factor to take into consideration (shapes the “meta”, no kidding) but how this works in detail and the best ways to do it escapes me.

I’ve been told the game is quite difficult, even for MTG standards (wich is not exactly simple, not as Heartstone at least). I used to farm people in HS arena no problem but, while building a collection it’s cool, going “tryhard” every draft wasn’t as fun as could be sometimes. Depends on your cup of tea.


Im a huge fan of card games and im currently making one, and i cant vouche for artifact, as M00 said theres nothing for casual/F2P players in there, the game is geared towards whales only, and since they dont have anyone to beat easily it will probably be boring after a couple of weeks… Volvo pls


Well, that is not exactly true. You get infinite phantom drafts for the 20 bucks. Still, I’m not sure how that game drafting experience is. I would gladly pay and 30 even for infinite phantom sealed AND phantom draft in Magic if I had access to all Magic cards.

That said, it’s following the traditional TCG model wich, to begin with is has his own problems. Portraying it into pc is just silly. Hell, even a monthly subscription for added sets if they keep them coming frequently would make more sense.


It is noteworthy however that this was only implemented as the result of customer backlash, in addition to the fact that this does not change the fact that u cannot obtain any cards without some form of payment (buying them, or at the very least u have to buy tickets at $1 per just to partake in the official draft, which might give u packs but only if u have a win/loss ratio of 2/1 at least).

So originally they did not have the intention to give u access to all cards at all.

There’s also quite a lot of outrage in the Steam reviews (currently at 60%, up from 57% earlier) about the fact that if u open the packs that come with the game u can no longer refund the game, lol, though apparently there’s a clear warning about that ingame from what i’ve read, and i think this makes perfect sense as well since u can sell the cards on market, but ppl will do what ppl do: not heed the warning, open the pack, and then vent in their review, rofl.

Furthermore, they have also just announced that they will now also work on implementing some form of progression system within the game, so i guess we’ll see what that means when we see it.


I had no idea the phantom draft was a thing later implemented. This launch goes worse and worse at every step.


well, “expert phantom draft” is cheaper than keeper draft and was intended, but it costs 1 ticket ($1; it’s 4.95 for 5), but after the backlash they included “casual phantom draft”, which is free, but u can’t win anything

so y, phantom draft was originally intended, but not

as u only get 5 tickets for it when u buy the game for $20

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No but, phantom means you don’t get anything, that cards “go away” after the draft. Heartstone works like that (wich to be honest is probably a good way since you’re not picking cards for your collection but cards to actually play).

Do you mean the game comes with 5 regular draft tickets or that casual phantom draff costs money as well?


The odd thing to me about all of this is that Valve is triple dipping on a game in a genre totally saturated. It seems so uncharacteristic and is probably setting them up for a game that will eventually flop which is even more uncharacteristic. Looking back at their great value propositions in really cheap high quality games and bundles like Orange Box, then moving on to providing Dota 2 in a saturated market but giving it value by giving you nearly everything free except cosmetics for years, it makes no sense to do things this way. You’d think it would at least be free to play and then make money on cards and market transactions.

Also from what I’ve heard the matches can be really long an a bit complex which seems like a bad mix for getting players in to try a CCG, especially when they may be coming from another mainstream one like Hearthstone that’s fairly streamlined in the world of CCGs.


casual phantom draft = free to play, no rewards, cards “go away”

expert phantom draft = pay to play ($1 ticket), no rewards for 2 victories, 1 ticket - 1 ticket +2 packs for 3-5 victories, cards “go away”

keeper draft = pay to play ($2 tickets + $10 card packs), no rewards for 2 victories, 2 tickets - 2 tickets +3 packs for 3-5 victories, u keep the cards u drafted

this is from memory so i might have a detail wrong somewhere but that’s basically all the info


soo … it’s MTG arena for 20$ where you dont keep the card you get unless you pay…

my basic math skills makes it an easy skip


Well, my basic math skills tell me maybe u should rethink (see at the end)

I ended up buying the game after having spent several hours watching streamers play the game these last few days and deciding for myself whether the gameplay in itself would validate buying the game given that i wouldn’t be playing constructed and would probably only play the free phantom draft mode (unless i somehow turn my 5 tickets into profit after “getting gud” somehow maybe but probably not rofl).

Having played through the tutorial now (which consists of 2 games against bots), I have to say the game is not hard to understand at all; the tutorial is great and explains everything u need to know afaik; i did ofc already understand most of the mechanics (not the intricate details of hero powers and some upgrades etc.) from watching streamers play though.

So up to now i rly love it, i was vry intrigued by the 3-lane mechanics as soon as the game was announced and liked what i saw watching streams, and i rly enjoyed playing even just against bots (Northernlion actually lost one of the tutorial games and the second one was a bit more challenging but i could manage ok having learned the basic gist of it, though i was kinda worried at the start of the game as i was actually overpowered in all lanes for a few turns.)

Anyway, here’s the kicker: i buy the game for $20, i do the tutorial, i unpack the 10 packs u get, and then i immediately sell the 120 cards i got at the lowest-price-minus-0.01 automatically from the game menu itself, and I GOT $18 BACK (after Steam deductions), so the game only cost me $2!

And it’s not like i got the best cards, the most expensive one goes for 14-18, and there’s a bunch in the 5-10 range, though most ofc are listed at 0.05, but the best one i got was worth $3, so y, one could easily make a profit just by buying this game actually [and i basically got this game FOR FREE], so there u have it.

AND u should also realize, as @Eidos mentioned, u buy the game and then u do get to play with ALL THE CARDS the game has to offer in the free draft mode, which is not a bad deal in the end.

I was vry turned off by the fact that u cant grind games, but then in the end i just asked myself whether i would enjoy the game purely based on the gameplay and the fact that u do get access to ALL THE CONTENT in the free draft mode, so for me it was definitely a good decision, certainly given that i got my money back immediately :rofl::rofl::rofl:


that’s a nice gamble but not having a chance of getting free card is a bonner killer now matter how good the game is, i mean, knowing what you just told me i might try my luck because … gambling but will probably wont play much


yes, but you cannot build your deck without paying… playing a new deck each game is not something i look into, i do play sealed draft in MTG but only in prerelease.


true true, not an issue for me as i wont be playing this game hardcore anyway, and there also is the fact that if someone does want to play the game hardcore, he can basically just buy his deck from the Steam market instead of opening a million packs like in HS just hoping u eventually get what u need, so in that regards it will be much cheaper too i guess, and once u want to change yr deck u get to sell yr cards too


also i dont mind" the buy your card thingy", but if you planned on having a very aggressive cash shop system with no way of grinding currency like they have right now… the game should be free to play ( i mean by my standard)


It’s always amusing to me to watch you talk about games like they’re investment opportunities. Most of us play games because we enjoy them though, not to make a profit and I’m not sure how enjoyable this game is going to be unless you intend to throw barrels of cash at it.

I actually think it looks like it might be fun however, the 3 lane system and 2/3 wincondition aspect as well as the random mob spawning stuff all seems like it’d make for an interesting if maybe slow sort of game.

I really can’t afford it though.


Saw somewhere that you can get full set of cards for about $170 in Artifact, yet people are raging because it’s “expensive”, yet to get full set in Hearthstone or MTG you probably have to spend thousands of dollars.
Can someone explain this?

Not to mention cards in Artifact have actually some value, you can actually sell duplicates and buy cards you need, which you cannot do in neither Hearthstone or MTG:A.
If you are lucky and get expensive cards you can get full $20 back, or even make more than that.