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dude, but that wasn’t my intention rly; i clearly stated that i based my decision on whether the enjoyment of the gameplay itself would be enough for me to validate the purchase, and it did, so i bought it (now, ofc the fact that i knew that i would also be selling the cards didn’t hurt :smiley: , but i honestly didn’t expect to make almost the whole purchase price back)

also, u must understand where i’m coming from too, i can’t buy games with real money as i have no access to online purchases whatsoever (except for some local websites which take cash upon delivery [and that is besides the fact that $60 almost equals the monthly salary of a civil servant here]), so i rly depend upon whatever i can do with the steam market regarding my Steam wallet, and the thought that i might one day go broke on Steam is kind of a nightmare for me :confounded: [and i must admit that i’ve been acting stupid this last week, again, with my Steam wallet, damn sales, just can’t help myself]


just played my first “casual draft”

well, casual it is not, rofl, it took me one hour to make my deck [u must choose 60 cards out of i don’t know how many, maybe 300 or so] and i only went 1-2, lol, but i guess it was my mistake to make my deck 3 colors instead of 2 only; all my opponents had 2 colors only and it seemed that this distinction weakened my options in play, though i could have gone 2-1; in the last game i would have killed my opponent’s middle core but he just got my left tower [already had right one] right when i would have killed him the next lane…

The time constraint is real though, i guess maybe only when you’re new and don’t know any of the cards yet, lol, i’ll see how it goes with a bit more experience ingame, but y, this was not a casual experience for me, lol, but it was quite nice and somewhat exciting too.


@PeteMcc i be your the fun one at parties


I dont generally go to parties so no


But when i do go to parties watch out! My dance moves can’t be beaten


I think I’m gonna play some of the pre-constructed decks against bots; when i first saw that option i was like ‘why would i want to play against bots?’ but now i realize it actually allows one to get familiar with the cards, combos, and general flow of the game, which should make playing (casual) draft a lot easier (especially in terms of time consumption [drafting phase] and time management [during actual games]) too.

edit: well, i only now realize that their “call to arms” thing actually consists of pre-constructed decks which u play against other hoomans trying to achieve win streaks with them, so there’s that too and i think this is pretty cool, so no need to play against bots :smiley:


“‘why would i want to play against bots?’”

Bots can be way more competitive than many humans. Also, to please our future robotic overlords I guess.

Jokes aside I fully understand why do you want to measure yourself against another player. If you need still to play with bots, try tricking yourself into thinking that was programmed by a human so technically you’re playing against a human, somehow.


Ok, so here’s a tip for beginners (just the tip):

Start by playing one color only (there are 4 deck colors in the game, all cards [except for golden “hero-buff/heal” and neutral “creeps”, cards are either red, blue, black, or green] and all heroes are one of these colors too; these colors are themed differently: red has strong heroes, blue is more about spells, green is more about mana and big creatures, and black earns more gold and has lots of damage [don’t quote me on any of that, but more or less]).

So y, when i first started, i mixed colors (3 even in my first draft) and i quickly realized that this actually made me weaker than those who played 2 only (i went 1-2 but got close to 2-1), perhaps that is only due to my ignorance of the heroes and general game mechanics, so i then went to play pre-constructed decks made of 2 colors, and i would win some and lose some but i then came to the conclusion that i should start by playing one color at a time, as that would actually give me the possibility to properly learn the mechanics and heroes and decks, one color at a time, so i started to play a pre-constructed green deck yesterday, and what do u know, i’m now on a 5-0 win streak, and it’s still going, so i’ll see if i can make it last a bit more (whenever i play again, perhaps later today, i only play 1-3 games at a time, i find the game is quite demanding in terms of concentration [cuz time per turn is quite limited, and u actually lose the game if yr overall game-timer runs out, lol] [to the point that my kids can’t come near me when i’m playing and i tell them: “not now, later, go away, go away” lol and i then have to call them afterwards to see what they wanted])

[it should also be known that my only experience with this types of games comes from HS only (and casually at that), i never played MTG or anything else “card-battling” related]