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So I’ve solved it now after the fact, and I have a confession to make… I was an idiot and would have solved it HOURS ago had I realised that it was just the /watch part of the link. I was forever looking for a that didn’t exist.


@Scribesake I watched the video yesterday night minutes before going to sleep, on my phone. You posted the results at 5AM my time so there is no way I could let you know.

Pete’s method is the only thing I could think of as well. I don’t think it was possible to solve the way you intended it, buddy. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for the effort you put into this, I hope the next ARG works out better for all involved! :hugs:


… i need some milk d;


Pours one for you… *Clank * Cheers…


but milk


Um… what was the answer and the way to decipher this in the end?


@Danacscott was the answer… :smirk: Happy late April Fools!


Are you trolling us now?


Why would I? Why, I would never… :grin:


Rick Roll me any time. :slight_smile: :blush: