Anyone Want These (Free) Keys? - Closed

So, over the past few months, I bought a handful of bundles from various sites and have a bunch of leftover keys. This isn’t a noble gesture like the @Gnuffi Reverse Birthday Giveaway or a fun contest like the @PeteMcc or @delenn13 Giveaways. These are just some random keys that I have no use for. If anyone here happens to want any of these games, just post the name of the game(s) you want and I will PM you the key(s).

The keys will be given to whomever requests them first. If you request more than one key, you will get the first key requested and I will wait a few days to see if anyone requests the additional keys before awarding them to you.

Volgarr the Viking (claimed)
Octodad: Deadliest Catch (claimed)
Small Radios Big Televisions (claimed)
The Beginner’s Guide (claimed)
Wizardry 6 & 7 (claimed)
Ziggurat (claimed)
Regency Solitaire (claimed)
The Original Strife: Veteran Edition (claimed)
Iron Commando - Koutetsu no Senshi (claimed)
Wasted (claimed)
Pixel Piracy (claimed)
Trap Them - Sniper Edition (claimed)
Secret Agent (claimed)
Hexcells Complete Pack (claimed)
Expand - Soundtrack Edition (claimed)
Choice Chamber (claimed)
Velocity Ultra (claimed)
GAUGE (claimed)
Quiplash (claimed)
Z.A.R. (claimed)
Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure (claimed)


I’d like Wizardy 6 and 7 please. Thanks.

You got it :slight_smile:

yo man could i have Volgarr the Viking please?

Sure :slight_smile: I will PM you the key now.

Great game, btw. I already own it.

I’d like Octodad. Thanks for the giveaway

It’s yours. Enjoy!

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I’d like Small Radios Big Televisions, if that’s alright.

No problem. Will PM you the key :slight_smile:

Got it. Thank you

Can I get The Beginner’s Guide, please! :slight_smile: ( and Wasted would be great, too :smiley: )

Sure, you got it :slight_smile:

If nobody claims Wasted in a few days it’s yours @timyttv.

Sorry @Fraggles Beginner’s Guide Claimed :disappointed:. Enjoy Small Radios Big Televisions!

Can I have ziggurat please?

On it’s way!

I’ll take Wasted if it’s still available.

You got it!

Could I have Iron Commando? Thank you very much.

Iron Commando is yours, Wawa.

Thanks. Received.

Don’t sell your giveaway short @DanosaurJr
old unused random or spare keys just lying around or not, doing a giveaway for any reason, with or without strings/hoops, is nice of you and appreciated :heart_eyes_cat:
so for those that have received and is about to receive i salute you :thumbsup:
thank you for being generous, no matter a “reason”, :hugging: