Anyone From Canada or US That Owns a Nintendo Switch....

Please message me BEFORE December 1st with your email.

I don’t have a Switch and I find this highly insulting to the rest of the world but it’s Christmas and money’s tight and there are free games involved. If you live elsewhere and want to take a chance with a VPN, I will give you the info too.

Sorry everyone else. :revolving_hearts:


Honestly, I’d feel insulted if someone assumed I’m a Switch owner:D


Be careful…Santa’s watching… :santa:t3:


nah, no one would assume that such a gifted FPS-er would be on anything but PC.


Good, good…

Santa can watch me do the things that Nintendon’t



Hm… My buddum bought a Nintendo Switch from her USA friend. Not sure if that counts. She’s pretty picky about games too. Merow… My thoughts so disorganized.


I sent you the info…


Well, much looked into and Nintendo doesn’t let you redeem games, UNLESS, you have linked your account to a physical Switch, Wii or 3DS.

This means, if you are waiting for your console to reach you, as my buddum is now, you need a friend’s help. Your friend will have to link your account, to their physical Switch and redeem the content. Once your own Switch arrives, then they can unlink your account from their console, and you can you set up your own Switch. The games attached to your account will be downloadable.

Just why Nintendo. >< Unless you know a guy, then you can’t pre-buy digital codes during sales etc. I don’t get it.


I bought a switch with Zelda Breath of the Wild + DLC a few years ago.

Did Nintendo do something bad I don’t know about? It still works and I like it. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know but I’m pretty sure the thing you talking about is related to said no gravity site, what if it is Then technically any switch owner from any region will be able to take part in that deal without an VPN, just in a slightly annoying roundabout way.


Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner, @rakada :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Probably :crazy_face: Is the sky blue? Is grass green?


mmmm delicious :yum: I love chicken, the Obviously superior land meat.


But yea since you can make multiple accounts (up to 8) per switch device, with each one of them can possibly be in a different region/country. The best part is that any game redeemed on 1 account can be played on any of the other accounts connected on that switch. So all you have to do is.
!: power on your switch and go to the new user/account.
2: make sure to make it an NA account and then wait for the free deal to be on.
It’s pretty easy to do and there plenty of guides/videos out there to follow the step by step process.


Mew. My friend’s Switch is in transit and not here yet, hence the issue.

One reddit user out it best.

Me: let me give you money
Nintendo: No


Here’s a PSA, folks:

Starting December 1st No Gravity Games will give away 18 of their Nintendo Switch games for free on this page:

Prior work required: You must own 1 of their Switch games to participate. You can get their game Pirates: All Aboard! for free by signing up to the newsletter - see below. Do this before December 1 so you can claim the first game! This was posted on FGF a couple days ago, so you may already have done this step:

Get the free game Pirates: All Aboard! before December 1 to be able to get the other 18 free games:

  1. Sign up for newsletter: No Gravity Games Newsletter Giveaway
  2. Check your email & confirm subscription
  3. Receive the code for Pirates: All Aboard! & Redeem game on or your Switch

Couple of other important things to know:

  • You need to have a Switch console and an American account linked to your Switch. You don’t need to be from North/South America - make a new Nintendo account and set the region to North America during the setup and link that to a new user on your Switch.
  • Claim every game. If you forget to redeem one of the free games, you won’t be eligible for the rest. I have made this post an event (on new.reddit/mobile), so you can click Follow to get a reminder for December 1, but you’ll probably have to remember the other days yourself unless every game will get posted here.
  • All games will be discounted if they are not free. If you miss a game during its free day(s), you could buy it at the discounted price to claim the next games for free again, if you wish.

Links to the Week 1 free games:

Happy claiming!



Oh well. The cat is out of bag. So much for not posting the links.

Claim every game. If you forget to redeem one of the free games, you won’t be eligible for the rest


Haha, sorry. :joy:

If it makes you feel better I don’t own a Switch either, and only the gods know when I’ll have one. :sweat_smile:


I wonder if they are going to have limits on stock. If so, bots are going to be grabbing them up like crazy. lol


OOooooh! That’s interesting!

Whoops. I have 1 day to figure out the free game thing and follow the directions. I’ll start it tomorrow. xD


The pirate code one possibly since it was a code, but the rest will be redeemable only on the switch i would imagine so it will act similar to how epic freebie work (being only redeemable 1 per account) and can’t redeem extra since you already own it.