Another Phishing Scam (Through Steam Messages)


Apparently there’s another phishing scam going on through Steam messages.

Your friends who are affected would send you a link to some (https://r… site with the message:

1 free game for new users!

As usual, just ignore it and you should be fine.

Hope everyone stays safe out there!


Fortunately no messages from my friends list on it, so that’s a good start. Hoping that after the last one hit people have been a little more cautious so it won’t spread as much.


I‘ve received a message from a Steamgifts moderator. Really thought he would‘ve known the difference between a scam and a legit website. This message talked about a free spin on that site. Had to remove him because the message was sent multiple times and wouldn‘t stop.


could be he got hacked too though; i mean in a different way


From what i’m seeing on the steamgifts forums, it’s all phishing.

Another reminder to stay skeptical anytime a free game is offered, even if it’s coming from someone on your friend list; especially if the website requires you to sign into Steam from their site. Careful with that Steam API, it’s easy to fake.


Woot I won Rust!


Wow, no wonder people fall for it, it looks decent… I know you did fall for it, @xist, so I am not worried about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got some rare things on sale, stranger! Go to -

and receive your super +1


wow, “sponsored by Humble Bundle”, guess that means it’s legit :thinking:, Humble; snatching Steam credentials since 2017-2018 :rofl:


thanks for the information !

always good to know when to be aware xD


If you want to be extra safe just PM me your Steam Login info and a mobile authenticator code (so I can rescue your account if necessary) and you’ll know that I’ve got your back should your account get hijacked. :wink:

PS - Don’t do this.


oh yes of course!

there is no better steam authenticator than an online friend having your login deats :smiley:


Oh hey check it out, discourse masks your creditcard details if you type them in a post.
xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx xx/xx xxx


but dude, i can clearly see the details, strange combination though, never seen that


A ton of people got phished. Why would they go through the trouble of bruteforcing his password? Is bruteforcing even a thing anymore?


I’m not saying it was necessarily bruteforced dude, might have been stolen or otherwise compromised; i’m just saying it’s a possibility…


How do you steal a password? Did someone break into his house and download the password with a USB flash drive? 🥴


do i rly have to educate u on this subject? this is getting boring rly fast, for example:


Just wondering, is this seriously a thing people could do? Can I save all my passwords on a USB flash drive? that would be really convenient.


to lose all your passwords.