Another Phishing Scam (Through Steam Messages)


Does anyone know of someone who was affected that ISN’T on Steamgifts? I’ve been told of tons of cases so far and none have been someone who isn’t on SG, which is interesting.


TL;DR: keyloggers, for example.

Quick read:

And useful guide:

A little bit more info: for example, if you use a password manager which doesn’t encrypt your pass on their end and they get hacked, your info could get potentially stolen. Anything that doesn’t encrypt your credentials on their end could be a getaway towards getting your data stolen.

That’s why you don’t use the same pass on everything, otherwise it’s like a domino chain.

And that’s why you should use mobile authenticator on steam, to prevent that from happening. If passwords getting stolen wasn’t a common occurance, neither would be 2-step authentication.

It’s common because there are plenty of ways it could happen.

Hope this helped!


You may also enjoy this and similar videos on the subject.


Not sure about other Web browsers, but on Mozilla Firefox you can do so because the browser can store your passwords for you and you only need to copy two files on your computer to back them all up.


Can DDoS it but then I can already hear the FBI coming lol


Not really. People who were likely to fall victim to this phishing scam just wanted a free game. People who want free games are very likely to be users on steamgifts, which is possibly the largest community of leechers bots people wanting free games. It’s not that surprising.

What i do find interesting is that a couple of the victims then proceeded to post the exact URL that scammed them (they only changed it when someone else told them to). Sometimes there are people who get scammed and instead of feeling bad, you think “yeah, that makes sense.”


Well they kinda controlled the panic wisely lol

;w; got scammed…


I just got 2 messages from Steam Name: asirmi ( @cacronia):

“1 free game for new users!
take the game you want!”

Come in and win every day keys to games in Steam. You can spin roulette 1 time in 24 hours. Invite your friends and get bonuses!

Watch what you click out there!!!

EDIT: I did message them to give them a heads up…



Thanks for the heads up!

I messaged my non-Chronie friends to let them know.

Yes, very cautious. Lesson learned.

One of my friends and I send links back and forth all the time, but we have a “code” now. With every link is a certain joke about both of us falling for that last one.

I also have different passwords for all my accounts now, so something good came of it, but what a pain.

What got me a few months ago is someone asking me to get them a game. I have way too many games, so free games don’t appeal to me anymore. They add to the growing problem. Too many sodding games! :tophat:

Someone asking me to get one for them, though? Good tactic, phishers…


Don’t worry buddy, I’ll fill your soul with light.


just a heads up to people,
seems there is another phishing scam going around, not in steam msg but Discord.
Someone will claim your steam account been reported for illegal purchase, like with stolen cc or something, and prompt you to talk to “steam support” on discord or link/something. <-- that part obviously being the phishing attempt
so if some schmuck approaches you on discord/anywhere with such “i’m sorry” or “blackmail” just report them for ban and ignore



As I am on Discord a lot, I’ll be wary of this.

I usually am good at spotting scams though.


So many scams, so little time.
Jokes asides, thanks for the info @Gnuffi and @YQMaoski. :+1: