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Aegis Defenders Free now @ Humble bundle and Steam 22/05/20 @Steam


EDIT: Its also free right now on Humble

Hey so according to steamdb Aegis Defenders will be free on the 22/05 for one day only.

Like last time if you want to be notified when it becomes free like this topic or comment below and I will @ you in this topic when it is available (or hopefully someone else will if I am asleep as it happens at about 3 AM my time)


Certainly looks interesting enough to check out for free :+1:


Alright, notify me


There’s no way I’ll remember on my own so a ping would be lovely! This game looks pretty o:


Here another one that will be free from the 21th according to steamdb


And Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus will have a free weekend in 3 months so pen THAT into your calendars!


Yup! I can personally recommend it myself too . Has it’s shortcomings but really good turn based tactics games besides that.


I bought that game recently oof lol (the first one)
It’s alright


oh yes please Mr PeteMcc notify me!!


I’m interested in a free game! Notify me too please.


Remind me too, please! :slight_smile:


remind me when it happens, thanks


@everyone it is free on humble at the moment. So no need to wait.


Hah, interesting! Well, sooner beats later.


Yeah just noticed that, not sure who gets the everyone @ so I will now let everyone know look at @Fraggles comment above, you can get Aegis Defenders for free from the humble store right now!
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There are group features in discourse that probably could be used to make it work. But I don’t think it does at the moment, unless everyone actually did get notified. I couldn’t tell since I can’t notify myself.


Yeah group mentions are there in discourse but I am not sure if its enabled and then I would have to set up a group, i think it just gets messy and since its a one time thing usually not really worth the effort


But i already have it cuz bought b4 X3 but thanks was still following this thread I guess to see what ppl say about game
I hope ppl get it


Sorry, just went through the list and put everyones name in I wasn’t reading what the comments again at the time


Thats okay i’m sure there are too many comments to read all and its good to notify I was just surprised lol