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Don’t hack the planet, hack the sprinklers!





He is so mean in his comments… But he’s also so good to the little kids aspiring to him. My view about him completely changed when I watched the kids version of his show one fluke time. He is so “in-character” on TV, but I think he’s a really nice guy at heart.


He explained once that that’s just the way it is; to be able to make it in the business u must be able to deal with the harsh behavior, pick yrself up, and be determined to do better, so i guess it’s sort of a filtering system if u will, if u can’t deal with it, u know it’s not for u. Basically, he had to go through that same shit whenever he messed up the same way they have to now in order to become better.

I’m not saying i agree with it, rofl, i don’t, but it is entertaining nonetheless (from the few things i’ve watched online; i don’t have a tv, nor netflix or whatever)


Dude i just got one question


I probably shouldn’t have played that so loudly in my work place… oh well, what is done is done… :rofl:


dude, not the lamb sauce


Next time i’ll give you a heads up bro.


no need for that, even the ppl at his work should start looking for that damn lamb sauce



That was a great episode. I would even go as far as to say possibly my favorite episode.