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Add more games to the shop -.-




Ok everyone I think you’ve had your fun, I don’t want to be a stickler or the fun police here but do we really have to do this to new people’s topics every time?
I am getting PM’s from the OP so lets say from here on if you have something to add to the conversation that this topic was originally about feel free to post here otherwise have your fun in the memes thread.


*@PeteMcc, do memes that add to the conversation that this topic was originally about, count?


I know you’re only doing your job but I think that’s a little unfair Pete. I’m sure we’d all have stopped if OP had expressed his feelings in this topic rather than via PM…he didn’t even try! These thread derails tend to happen only when the same topics that have been discussed over and over get reposted without any change to the question. Thus far there’s never really been any response to the game shop conundrum, and if the original phrasing was changed to “Chrono, please provide me more free stuff” it’d sound even less reasonable. We all understand, everyone would like more games, or better games, but response has not been forthcoming so far and I would expect we’ll get notified of any changes if and when they happen, rather than at the request of a new user.

Take a look at other topics posted by new people…they don’t get derailed when there’s a conversation to be had. This question is just the Chrono version of “Why was I VAC banned?”.


How is what I said unfair? If you are referring to the point about it being in new people’s topics I wrote it quickly before I had to go out and I did not mean to say that every time a new person posts a topic it gets derailed but that there has been a trend before that when derailment occurs it happens in the topic of a relatively new poster.
As for the OP telling the memeing to stop I think what they did was okay, they flagged posts and just made a PM to me on why they did it, that is all.
Yes this topic has been discussed before but it doesn’t mean that we have to derail just because its a bit of a stale topic, if you don’t think it is something that you want to talk about simply don’t or point them to the old topics which discuss it. Especially when it is a new forum member I hope you aren’t expecting them to dredge through months of old topics to see what is there about the issue they want to discuss, maybe they should be doing that but you know that is not likely to happen.


Yes, I meant that we don’t just graffiti over every new topic, not that trying to control derailment is unfair. Without a semblance of order we could never discuss anything! I’d be annoyed if any time I wanted to have a proper discussion it descended into chaos.

The issue I also meant was participation and entitlement - OP has two posts. The first in this topic, and then two weeks later his second which doesn’t reply to any points raised, and reiterates his same point (and if anything in an even worse way). His question was answered very quickly but he chooses not to move the conversation on…

Also, as @M00 has mentioned before, it’s impossible to create a topic without having similar topics foisted upon you - you don’t even need to search. So before the topic was created there are answers available and then soon after it’s posted the question is answered. Where else is there for the topic to go, and what exactly does the OP want from it? I’m not criticising you, and If I was a mod and was PM’d by the thread creator I’d have done the same thing, but I just wanted to explain my own thought process as to why this happens.