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Add more games to the shop -.-


Let a cynic dream. Damn.


It would seem that some people took my posts a little more seriously than was intended…I actually thought that @KSib was composing an eloquent rebuttal to something that was merely a subversive joke that I’d hoped might get rumoured as being true…

Although I do think that a game a week rather than two every other would serve to keep backlash to a lower level than it is now, either because people get over hyped for new shop additions or miss out.


I WASN’T for a moment saying “wow chrono gg sucks. why can I get more games too”. I am very grateful for everything they done. I was trying to sound less like a crying ungrateful kid (that’s why I used “a bit”), but in the end I guess someone got that impression on me.


Well, as mentioned above I‘m a cynic so that nuance would‘ve went unnoticed either way, but you still said that it‘s unfair and you have to admit that it implies that you deserve to be treated the same without meeting the requirements in that context.



Should sold out games show when they were sold out so that people do realize that games have been added and sold out recently?
Also are game keys always at the same amount for each game that gets added and do keys increase depending on how quickly previous games get sold out?


I said “it feel a bit unfair”, a small difference, but it is one. Why am I arguing this so much? Because you call yourself a cynical person, nothing wrong, but in the same time you look down on us (" damn why can’t this kid be grateful for once"). Doesn’t that make you selfish, as you don’t really help us at all, just feel superior? Does that me cynical too? Just my 2 cents.


I don‘t really fixate on you being grateful or not. Just the expectation that if there was more to get it would be unfair that you couldn‘t get it, even though all it would take is a little more effort on your part for something that is already free.

Again, all this was just a joke and hypothetical, so hopefully everyone gets that. (This is directed to everyone reading so this doesn‘t spread as a false truth, because you know by now.)

And no, this doesn‘t make me selfish in my opinion, but you‘re right with the second part. Not that I consciously think I am better than you, but I guess I was looking down on you and that would imply a sense of feeling better as I treat my view as the moral ideal and something that differs from it as worse.
So yes, you‘re right. I admit that, even if it‘s negative.

I reacted to what you said, voiced my opinion/view and inherently attacked you, even though that wasn‘t my intention but a consequence. So it is normal for you to argue against it and there‘s nothing wrong with it.

I wish I could resolve this in a way we both would feel comfortable ending this conversation, but the fact is that we can‘t always get along with everyone we come across and that‘s okay. You can dislike me for what I said, but outside of this thread I will most likely never interfere with your life ever again, so you should brush it off as „one of those internet trolls“. :slight_smile:




You are right! We both wanted to voice our opinions but none of us had any intentions of attacking each other. Well, that’s what a normal and healthy discussion is after all. Thank you for understanding. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


114 games??? You guys are incorrigible…:scream:






I already have these both games. Also check the shop, it is possible that this week the shop is completely empty. What reason then I have to open this website? I have 30k points and cannot spend them -.- As I wrote, 2 games for 2 weeks is to less.


Because there is a game on sale every day for a cheap price that you should potentially purchase if you like it, which is the main function of this site and not free games from the coin shop which they generously give us?



You looking to get featured on r/ChoosingBeggars ?



I see your Sick Boy and raise you a Dade Murphy