About the games on the coin shop!

Is there any way to know which games will be featured in the coin shop ahead of release or is it totally randomized? Any theories?
Thanks :smiley:

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It’s not random however, it’s the result of very deliberate actions by chrono.gg and cooperating developers.


This thread is now about coin shop conspiracy theories.




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my best friend’s cousin’s uncle works at chrono – and i heard that when There’s Poop In My Soup finally sells out from the coin shop, that it’ll unlock a new, super, more amazing game. :smirk:

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there are rumours another secret society have colluded with the illuminati, in order to prevent the public ever being free from the tyranny of having dung in their broths.
Going as far to dabble in alchemy, dark arts and heresy, to keep us all enslaved to the will of the almighty Coin and its tributes, forever

i’m not saying the shop is a subliminal testing ground for a secret government project designed to predict and influence our behavior in preparation for their overlords…
but maybe the rest of you should install one-way mirror glass on all your (tv, monitor, phone, tablet)-screens too (so they can’t see us)



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Lol. My theory it’s the latest games with discount prices? Insurgency at least is, and what a good game, totally worth the 6k coins. Hope they put Victor Vran for 1k, I want it so bad haha.

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Going to assume you made a typo and meant 10k. I’ve had that on my wishlist for two years and would gab it in a heartbeat but it’s a game very unlikely to be in the coin shop and if it was I would expect a coin price point of 15k maybe even 20k.

well… —> “This thread is now about coin shop conspiracy theories.”
so i just tipped my foil hat and went with it :smile:
(and i get you might have raised a post looking for serious answers, but how could a gnome resist that)

i think someone posited such theory some time ago too, maybe there is something about it :thinking: (after all, if enough believes it, it becomes true)
tho ofc not all games in shop was chrono sales, and i think a time or two a game popped in shop before having a chrono daily deal too later
(but i’m betting they just did that to throw us off the trail)

i’m gonna take a wild bet and guess you both missed Victor Vran when it was only 1$ then?
(in a bundle that even included Else Heart.Break() and Evoland 2 too. All 3 for a dollar…:dizzy_face: )


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Yeah :expressionless: I missed it, and also last Steam sale too, I had to buy other games and had short budget.
I want to play Local coop on Victor Vran, I also think I will get Divinity Original Sin EE for the local coop.
Linux gaming so I don’t have muuuch options on the game :slight_smile:

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I want The Big Butcher. At the time I didn’t have enough coins :frowning:

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