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A thing is going to happen to a thing


Something is about to happen. Something awesome. Ok, so maybe not awesome, maybe more like mildly cool. Only problem is, I can’t tell you what the mildly cool thing that’s about to happen is. Nor can I tell you when it is. It could be a few weeks, could be a few days. It probably will happen within the century. Maybe. Hopefully in our lifetime…
What I’m trying to get across, is that something that I think you’ll all find mildly cool will happen at one point or another. And it’s Nepenthe related. And it’s AAAHHHH inducing (for me at least, idk about anyone else). Where was I going with this?
Oh, yeah. Be on the lookout at, and please consider playing it / leaving a review if you haven’t already.

(sorry for the mild self-promotion, I’ll remove it if the mods want. I do think y’all will enjoy what’s coming though)


Well congratulations on the mildly cool eventually occurring thing!


It’s coming to lol


lol don’t spoil it

(that isn’t it, but it might also be true maybe?)


Elon Musk is sending a physical copy of it to Mars


You’re getting an Ancient Greek re-title? νηπενθές looks pretty swish…


I should re-release the game in Ancient Greek :face_with_monocle:


Steven Spielberg is directing Nepenthe the movie

the lead:



This thread reminded me of this lovely little song.

Enjoy, everyone.



Not a fan of these types of games. However, after watching the trailer and reading the description, I actually want to play this now xD


tell me its not this


Mildly interesting… probably cool…


It isn’t that (but that is also a thing)


Thanks! That means a lot to me :3


alright, so since you posted this, 2 things have happened, (that i see), and i’m still not even sure if “that’s” what was going to happen

because it tracks with a few days (and within this century :smile:) but, if it’s indeed not happened yet 'cos “weeks”, then… wonder what it could be :thinking:


Yes it did. I bought the game and I gave someone a Christmas pressie…:gift: That’s TWO things…


Yay things are thingy thing thing


Trust me, it will be quite obvious when it happens (I hope) :upside_down_face:


Make it happen then! Teasing is the worst. :sweat_smile: