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A thing is going to happen to a thing


almost there, they are just awaiting the final approval from the Pentagon



Guys I was on vacation did the thing happen? I want to know what the thing is please.

On other news, I now own a copy of your game @yitzilitt. I should play it!!! Trying to find the time and the focus but the will is already there so that’s 1/3. :blush:


I just saw what it was for the first time…it’s definitely a thing! I’m gonna recommend it to my Yume Nikki friends.



:arrow_down: Sorry, I have no self-control and absolutely could not resist! :arrow_down:


hm, i think that gif goes a bit too far though rly


PEOPLE! A thing happened to me recently! Was that what we were talking about? Are our Chrono users predicting my life?? If so, a bit more detailed of a heads up would be nice. Thnx!




@GanbaRANGER reminded me of this thread.

Has “The Thing” happened yet?:confused: Because if it did, I missed it.


Are we talking about this thing?

P.S probably my favorite movie ever!


Not yet, but it should be pretty soon now :slight_smile:


These games look super cool. I think I have to buy them both.