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A question about Chrono


Brilliant @Gnuffi :+1:

This yearbook is starting to come together nicely :smile:

It’s not finalized yet. We are still in the voting stages. There are a lot of pages left to fill :wink:

And for anyone interested, hard copies will be available at the end of the semester for 15000 Chrono coins

Printing sponsored by:

Senior Super Laxatives
When a regular laxative just isn’t enough!


:rofl: :joy:


:smile: lol it’s so hard to put down :blush:


Ya know, I’ve good relations with people at this printing house… just saying.
Also yay! I got featured in an undisclosed page!:confetti_ball:


Coming from someone with your pedigree (seriously, I know I’m playing on consoles a fair amount but look at your accumulated game time!), I really wish I was most likely to be playing games…just like everyone else I spend more time reading about games, and collecting them, than playing them!



forum games are also games my friend :trophy: :hugs: :+1:


thinksmallIt’s nice to know I’ll be remembered the way I lived


I like the one you have right now.


Thanks! It’s not gonna change for a little while


Indeed, we’re working directly with game developers and/or publishers - and in some cases even more parties that are involved!

We discuss terms of the deal (e.g. the date / price / anything else), trying to make sure that we’re able to come up with an amazing deal for you guys. We always try to avoid featuring 7 racing games in a row and stuff like that, so sometimes it can become a cool puzzle to solve. :slight_smile:

After we came to an agreement we receive the Steam keys of the games we’re featuring. After all that stuff has been locked-in we’ll handle the promotion part and distribution part and split the revenue it with all the companies that were involved. (The developer and/or publisher, but also the influencers that were featuring the game.)

For the games we’re featuring in the coin shop we directly purchase the game keys from the developers/publishers.

Any other questions? :cowboy_hat_face:

Do developers get compensation for games bought with coins?
The shovelware that keeps being offered on the coin shop in unreal

Yea, why do you always look so sinister?


Perhaps my avatar on the community hub looks a bit sinister, but in real I’m not. Taken from our about page here’s a picture of me, I don’t look so sinister. (I hope)

The only thing that’s sinister about this picture is that my girlfriend is featured in the full picture, but @frst cut her off the picture.





I feel like @yoshirules should get most likely to get a steam achievement that day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:




I hear my name achievements :blush: what achievement :thinking: need to read the topic
I was busy with a mission impossible (they are billions) :disappointed_relieved:



OMG these yearbooks are perfect you guys. Props to @DanosaurJr and @Gnuffi for being too good for this world.

also sorry for necro but plis blame the evil @Fraggles for linking to this shenanigan from another thread. :blush:


HOW did you miss this…A question about Chrono

The Cutest Couple…???:star_struck:


I have also just seen the yearbook by the way.

I might just shoot someone over this.


Well, if you do, don’t make a mess. I am not cleaning it up!:do_not_litter: